Richard Cohen has become like the right-wing anti-Semites

By which I mean, it’s no longer necessary to criticize him, because he so spectacularly discredits himself with his irrational bigotry (against conservatives) that only those people who share his specific mania could take him seriously.

See his column in which he argues that the Republicans have become the witchcraft party.

And now see my comment from August where I celebrate my liberation from the need to respond to the insane right-wing anti-Semites, as well as to the insane Mideast peace process. Here is an abridged version of that comment:

The things [the right-wing anti-Semites] say are so whacked out, so far below the level of rationality, that it’s not necessary to criticize them or notice them. They’re in a world of their own. And we don’t have the power to bring them out of that world. And—here’s our liberation—it doesn’t matter that we don’t have the power to bring them out of that world, because no one is going to pay any attention to them anyway. So all we can do, and all we need to do, is ignore them—though, being human, and not being able to shut things out completely, we may notice them from time to time and express our astonishment or amusement or despair that human beings are capable of such folly.

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