Acceptance of homosexuals + military uniformity = a homosexualized military

B. Smith writes:

For many years now military personal have been subject to homosexual sensitivity training, even though Title 10 code strictly prohibited the act and proclivity.

It has been treated as Sexual Harassment training—another class to take every year. Now that Title 10 code has been changed to accept and support homosexuality, I cannot imagine what will occur. I did not get the significance of the change until the post you put up about “The new ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ regime,” in which you said that it is now the people who disapprove of homosexuality who will be discharged from the military unless they keep their disapproval secret. Unfortunately, I completely see that happening.

The military is controlled by uniformity. The new uniformity will be homosexuality. That does not mean every member will be homosexual, but it does mean every member will be forced to accept homosexuality. Members of the military are well aware of the added bonus one gets as a woman or minority race when promotions and leadership positions are available. The military has been social engineering for a while now.

Now that homosexuality is added to the group of oppressed, I fully expect them to take advantage of it. How often are we told that the extreme cases will not occur, only years later to find out the worst has happened? The argument is made that homosexuals will not join the military in any large number. I disagree. I think we will see homosexuals join in record numbers and push their agenda because they have the full backing and support of the US government.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at December 29, 2010 10:22 AM | Send

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