Woods: not 12, but 120

When Tiger Woods’s industrial-scale adultery was revealed last November, there were about 12 named women among his girlfriends. The National Enquirer reported last week (via the Mail) that as part of his sex addiction therapy Woods was required to list all the women he had been with during his marriage, and that the total comes to 120. That would mean approximately one new woman every two weeks for the five years of his marriage, which of course is not counting his repeat encounters with the numerous girlfriends with whom he had ongoing affairs.

The Enquirer also says that his wife Elin Nordregen has definitely decided to divorce him. The final straw for her was not the 120, but the discovery that among his affairs was one he had concealed, even after listing all the others: a 21 year old neighbor of the couple whom Woods had known since she was 14; and that he had had relations with her a few doors away from his own house while Nordregen was caring for the couple’s new born baby last year.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 03, 2010 02:35 PM | Send

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