Britain’s “conservative” prime minister on the endless struggle for liberal utopia

Robert P. writes:

I wanted to point out some language from Prime Minister Cameron’s remarks during his visit to Washington, as given in Toby Harden’s Daily Mail blog:

But in the fight for justice and the struggle for freedom, there is no end, because there is so much more to do to ensure that every human being can fulfill their potential. That is why our generation faces a new civil rights struggle, to seek the prize of the future that is open to every child as never before. Barack has made this one of the goals of his presidency, the goal he’s pursuing with enormous courage.

“There is no end … ” Well, that lets the cat out of the bag, does it not? A “new civil rights struggle” for a completely unreachable Utopia of total human potential; and if a few eggs must be broken to reach this unreachable star, so be it, I presume.

While we already knew this, I hope at least one person somewhere reads this and wakes up from his addled dream state.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at March 17, 2012 10:12 AM | Send

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