A way of understanding Steyn

In the thread, “STEYN SPEAKS! … ABOUT MUSLIM IMMIGRATION,” Alex K. writes:

The best way to think of it is that Steyn is a soldier, holding important ground, who refuses to fight. He holds an important position and he’s taking some shots at the enemy, but he’s not really fighting the way he could be and the way we need the person at his station to do. So of course you criticize this person. Of course his behavior is atrocious. That he may be an ally is irrelevant. He is not fighting. That is the most important thing about him, not that he is on our side.

LA replies:

The George B. McClellan of the anti-jihad movement!

A popular “star,” full of vainglory, but having no desire to fight and win—indeed, not even believing in the cause he’s supposedly leading.

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