My place in liberal society

Clark Coleman writes:

If you conduct searches at the Publishers Clearing House, they enter you into their sweepstakes. They finance this by producing about seven advertisements at the top of your search results.

The interesting thing that I just discovered is that, if you go to and begin typing “larry auster” into the search box, it starts to show common searches that begin with “larry” and then “larry a” and so on. By the time you type the full “larry auster” it has narrowed down to one common search that it suggests: “larry auster right winger racist.”

Your reputation races ahead of you into obscure corners of the web.

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Dave T. writes:

One of the more amusing or depressing contradictions of our leftist world is that it strenuously denounces, via the language of objective moral categories, those who disagree with its fundamental principles, even as it denies the existence of those categories, which are by necessity immaterial and therefore incompatible with the left’s materialism. Indeed, I think this might be the most serious criticism of the left’s political modus operandi. The left uses the language of objective moral categories as the critical impetus for its desired socialist revolution, only to deny the existence of those categories when others dare to question the bizarre atheistic, materialistic foundations of their socialist revolution, e.g. the goodness of the left’s pursuit of equality in all things.

Bottom line, those who live in a leftist society but dissent from that society in affirming the existence of objective moral categories should always ignore the politically motivated, yet putatively moral, denunciations of that society.

In fewer words, you are a public heretic in a society that doesn’t affirm the existence of heresies (defined as deviations from what is morally good).

LA replies:

What you have said is such a refreshing contrast to the typical response of the paleocons and white nationalists to the regime of political correctness. Because the PC version of morality (e.g. the racism charge) is the established morality of our society, these purely reactive rightists equate PC with morality; and because the PC morality is false and oppressive, they conclude that all morality is false and oppressive, and that everything (particularly any speech or acts towards other ethnicities and races) is permitted. Instead of posing a true moral code against the false moral code of liberalism, they reject all moral codes, except for the code of tribalism.

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