The liberal message emerges clearer than ever: white conservatives deserve to die

Paul, the author of the blog Stuff Black People Don’t Like, writes:

This has been an interesting week. The liberal elite have shown their hand and, as you astutely point out, anyone who deviates from the liberal paradigm is marked a hater worthy of termination (or at the very least ostracism from polite company).

The Tucson shooting should serve as a wake up call to “conservatives” and those who still believe peace is an option. There will be other events used to justify liberals’ hate toward the normal, decent, and traditional way of American life.

Just recall the immediate reaction to the Omar Thornton story last summer.

A black guy gets a free pass for killing eight or nine white guys (I can’t recall the exact count) that he deliberately went after, because he said he experienced racism at the company (though no such evidence ever surfaced). The media hammered this point home, attempting to justify his mass killing.

You’ve been writing about liberals for a long time and have described our descent into liberal tyranny far better than most. There can be no peace.

The liberals want those in Red State America to die.

LA replies:

Thank you for reminding me of the Omar Thornton case. I had completely forgotten about it, though I wrote several entries about it last summer (now collected here), particularly this.

I was stunned into a depressed silence when I came across my own writings on the Thornton case. The clearly implied significance of the liberal take on that mass murder (whites deserve to be killed by any black who accuses them of being “racist”), combined with the liberal take on the Tucson mass murder (conservatives are guilty of mass murder solely by virtue of being conservatives), indicates a truth about liberalism so terrible it’s painful to put it into words.

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January 17

Karl D. writes:

One thing that has always gotten under my skin is when liberals claim, “I love this country,” and conservatives just nod in agreement. They don’t love this country! They hate everything about it! If they did love it then why are they trying to change or erase everything that is traditionally good about America?

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