September 11, 2001

Brenda Walker writes at Vdare:

For MSM, 9/11 Is about Anti-Muslim Backlash and Islamic Victimhood

“Backlash” against immigrants is a favorite topic of the liberal media to advance its agenda of bashing America and squashing any resistance to multiculturalism through intimidation and propaganda. When a Korean college student mass-murdered dozens at Virginia Tech, reporters quickly searched out Korean immigrants to uncover incidents of violence of angry Americans against Koreans in retaliation. Nada. There were none.

In fact, there are so few “backlash” crimes that the media has been forced to report on the “fear” of backlash, as if that were a valid subject for journalists.

Hey, I have a fear that hostile Muslim immigrants will set off a nuke in my city. Anyone over at the Associated Press interested in my deeply felt feelings? No?


See the rest of the article.

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