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In connection with the prevous entry, in which Patrick H. brought out the point that Dennis Mangan said that I am a Jew who is more loyal to Israel than America and therefore do not belong in the United States, here, for the record, and perhaps as a way of bringing closure to the matter of Dennis Mangan, is another thing written about me at Mangan’s site last November. I posted this material and commented on it at the time, but it was far down in an entry on another topic, and probably was not widely seen. I want to be sure readers see it, so here I am putting it on the main page. It was a comment by Conservative Swede that Mangan approvingly and thankfully posted. Here is the beginning of Mangan’s entry:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009
Seeing Through All the Lies

Conservative Swede (his blog, in semi-retirement) left me a great compliment, but also articulated a thought about how society is run and manipulated for the benefit of those in power:

Thanks for a great blog, Dennis! Yes indeed! There are not many blogs I feel inclined to follow nowadays. But your’s is one of those very few that I find inspiring. You see through most of the things important to see through nowadays, such as: food (LCHF, WAPF, [Weston A. Price Foundation, I believe] etc.) AGW, fiat money, Auster, etc., etc. (what have I forgotten here? there is probably more). And I guess the AIDS/HIV hypothesis, too. I’m “only” 95+% into that. I looked into it a decade ago. I didn’t finish the conclusion of my investigation. But yeah, the hypothesis still looks rather fishy.

Well, the thing is: once someone (like you or me) have seen the pattern of how we have been fed with lies since we were born, it is easier for us to unfold more and more of the lies.

H1N1 vaccination, anyone?

[end of excerpt of Mangan blog entry]

I commented about this at the time:

So Dennis Mangan approvingly and prominently quoted, under the rubric “Seeing Through All the Lies,” this statement portraying me as part of the lying leftist establishment that has to be exposed, equating me with, among other things, a major target of conservative opprobrium, fiat money, and with one of the biggest leftist propaganda lies of all time, anthropogenic global warming. In alliance with Swede, he puts my name on the conservatives’ “Most Wanted” list, even as he professes [in an e-mail he wrote to me at the time] his respect for me.

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