Perry’s support for in-state tuition for illegals may doom his candidacy

(Note: this entry is a parallel entry to “Out of touch,” also about Perry.)

Clearly, Perry’s affection for Mexicans and his belief in attracting more illegal aliens to America by giving them special financial favors once they get here are greater than his desire to be president. Well, give the man an “A” for honesty.

This is a press release from ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration PAC):

”Rick Perry Is Finished”

September 23, 2011 (MMD Newswire)—Texas Governor Perry destroyed his chances of winning the GOP Presidential primary during last night’s debate when he defended his support for in-state tuition for illegal aliens which is opposed by 81% of all Americans.

“Rick Perry proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is not the right choice for America by supporting these radical illegal immigration attracting measures,” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “Perry’s support for in-state tuition for illegals forces taxpayers to pay to replace their own children in the limited seats in our colleges!”

Prior to 2005, several states like Texas passed in-state tuition for illegals into law without adequate public or lawmaker debate and knowledge.

In 2005, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC defeated North Carolina’s HB 1183’s In-state tuition for illegal immigrants and then went on to use new strategies to defeat similar measures in 20 other states. Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has become a top voice in America representing the over 80% of US citizens opposed to this measure.

Rick Perry was heavily booed for the second time last night as he continued to promote in-state tuition for illegal aliens.

Mitt Romney opposed Perry’s positions and pointed out that Perry’s in-state tuition for illegal aliens law was forcing Texans to pay approximately $100,000 in tax monies to support each of the current 16,000 illegal immigrants in Texas colleges.

Romney went on to paraphrase ALIPAC’s platform “Comprehensive Immigration Enforcement” which includes adequately enforcing America’s existing immigration and border laws by cracking down on employers, securing the borders, and removing taxpayer benefits for illegals like Perry’s tuition breaks.

“GOP voters cannot vote for Rick Perry now without legitimizing and supporting in-state tuition for illegal immigrants,” said William Gheen. “Perry has assured his own defeat despite the fact that he is receiving so much support and favoritism from globalist groups in the media. It is clear to me that the globalists who are responsible for illegal immigration in America are using their power to promote Rick Perry at this time.”

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has just released a new study illustrating that 81% of the ‘new jobs’ created in Texas under Rick Perry have been taken by legal and illegal immigrants instead of suffering American citizens.

Video: Rick Perry Booed Again For Illegal Immigrant Support Plan.

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Randy writes:

Assuming that Romney is being genuine in his concern about the illegal immigration issue, the choice is clear and simple. Obamacare can be opposed on many different fronts—and Romney isn’t committed to Obamacare. Mexican immigration under Perry, like Bush, seems to have some kind of religious fervor behind it. Perry will have allies in the congressional McCains, the Chamber of Commerce, and libertarians. Even the Southern Baptist Convention has now come out in favor of open borders and amnesty. Once action is taken to legalize the illegals and establish immigration “reform,” the effects will be irreversible. The Hispanicization of the U.S. and the demographic shift will be entrenched. Hispanics (and other non-whites) will achieve more and more power all the while the Republicans (and white conservatives) will be compromised. The choice to me is clear at this point.

Alexis Zarkov writes:

I have now written off Perry. In his mind an illegal alien is entitled to preference over an American. During the debate he said that if someone does not subscribe to his policy of preference for illegal aliens then that person “has no heart.” This is the standard liberal justification. Perry’s love for Mexico and Mexicans seems to mean more to him than being president. I think he means it. I think he believes what he says. I also think Perry is flat out dumb like so many other Republicans.

The whole immigration issue seems to hypnotize a lot of influential people. How can one justify even legal immigration today when Americans face persistent high unemployment? What possible excuse could anyone have for paying Americans not to work (unemployment insurance) while bringing in an additional million people per year? Under current circumstances, legal immigration should be zero.

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