The two liberal-leaning Republican front-runners calling each other liberal-leaning

Katrina Trinko at NRO reports:

Today, when asked during a Coffee and Markets podcast (h/t: Yahoo News) about the fact that Romney hadn’t supported the Contract with America, Gingrich responded, “He was running to the left of Teddy Kennedy in Massachusetts in 1994. And he said flatly, he wasn’t for the Reagan-Bush policies, he was an independent. And he couldn’t possibly have been for the Contract because, how do you run in Massachusetts to the left of Teddy Kennedy favoring a Gingrich contract?”

To which a commenter replies:

Gingrich on Romney (1994)—

“How do you run in Massachusetts to the left of Ted Kennedy favoring a Gingrich Contract.”

For that matter, how do you run for the GOP nomination in 2012 hyping a “Gingrich Contract” when you’ve spent the last ten years promoting Medicare-D, Pelosi Cap & Trade, Obama’s Individual Mandate, Sharpton’s educational programs, an “Environmental Solutions Agency”, Scozzafava, legalization for illegals, corporate welfare for energy/drug industries, & Frank/Dodd Freddie Mac—i.e., the Big Gov’t agenda at the federal level?

Ditto, at zero hour trashed the GOP’s Ryan Plan “extremist..right-wing social engineering.”

How do you demand that Washington insiders with ties to Freddie Mac lobbyists return their “contributions” & go to jail, when you were a Washington insider with ties to Freddie Mac lining your pockets selling it’s business model to Capitol Hill conservatives as the mortgage entity tanked the U.S. economy?

How do you slam your opponent a “Rockefeller Republican” when you’ve bragged that you are a Rockefeller Republican?

Gingrich, quote: “There is a new synthesis evolving with the classic moderate wing of the party, where as a former Rockefeller state chairman, I’ve spent most of my life.”


Answer: EASY. Watch Newt do it.

“Baggage Empire” Gingrich is a bold-faced prevaricator & moron.

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