Stupak emerges from the fumes of Hell to say Obama deceived him

The despicable Bart Stupak, the man whose last-minute deal with Obama gave us Obamacare, admits, two and a half years later, what every conservative knew at the time: that Obama’s agreement, in exchange for Stupak’s vote for Obamacare, to issue an executive order barring the use of government funds for abortion under Obamacare could be, and inevitably would be, just as easily reversed by further executive action, which, of course, is what exactly happened with the birth control mandate earlier this year. Furthermore, as we discussed at the time, no executive order could change the fact that, under judicial interpretations of Roe v. Wade, any federal legislation funding health care must fund abortions.

Stupak now claims to be “perplexed and disappointed” by Obama’s reversal. But this is a lie. As I said at the time of the deal, on March 21, 2010:

…Stupak has turned himself into one of the biggest liars in history. After weeks and weeks of declaring in the firmest of tones that he would never vote for a bill that allowed federal funding of abortion, he has agreed to a deal which, as discussed in the previous entry, cannot possibly stop federal funding of abortion.

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