Racial “probes” by blacks in Chicago

Peter F. writes:

Concerning the threat of black-on-white violence, perhaps you and your readers will find the following account germane. I am a 51-year old man of average height (5’10”) and 215 lbs. I am an athlete, and look broad-shouldered and fit for my years. I am also a black belt in hapkido. I live in west suburban Chicago, in an area generally regarded as upscale and safe. There is very little crime, violent or otherwise, in my immediate area, which is one of the reasons my wife and I continue to reside here. Despite my training in martial arts, or maybe because of it, I am very careful to be a gentleman in public. The last thing I am looking for is trouble or a fight. I’m the kind who holds the door for a lady or an older person.

I do my very best to be a gentleman and treat others as I wish to be treated, but I am no patsy, either. I won’t let myself be pushed around by punks, etc.

Over the last six months or so, I have experienced what can only be called “probes” by black males in their teens or early twenties, while in the course of going about my daily life. Just yesterday, while entering a local Walgreens (walking on the right side and entering through the right side automatic door), I was nearly run down by a tall young black man who looked me right in the eye from perhaps six feet in front of me and then proceeded to try and walk right through me as if I wasn’t there. I kept walking, my shoulders square, and we collided. In fact, he rather bounced off of me, which is exactly as I intended. I said “excuse me” and kept walking. Nothing transpired after that.

I used to work in downtown Chicago, and know well the games some black folks play with whites, such as intentionally walking four abreast on a sidewalk so that a white pedestrian has to step into the street or gutter, or—as in the case of the young man at Walgreens—intentionally walking on the “wrong side” of the aisle and exiting via the entrance door.

A few months ago, my wife and I were using a public whirlpool at the local pool, and a young black guy—a teenager—was splashing various people to try and provoke them. He halfheartedly splashed in my direction while smirking, but I stood my ground and raised an eyebrow at him but kept a serious look on my face. He backed off once he saw that I wasn’t intimidated or visibly annoyed.

The other thing gangs of black and Hispanic youths have taken to doing is forming human chains across public entrances, such as at restaurants, in the expectation that you will “ask” their “permission” to enter. If you touch them, even in the act of brushing by them, they call the cops and accuse you of bullying them. In my town, one is not allowed to touch a minor for any reason; when one encounters a barricade of this kind, law enforcement has to be called. I got that straight from the police.

These are representative of the gamesmanship by many black youths today.

Keep up the good work on the website. And thank you for being a voice of sanity amidst the insanity of today’s world.

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Buck writes:

Something is going to happen, one way or another. Either white men and decent black men are going to defend whites against the black savages that are seizing control at a certain level of society—on the street where most of us still must come and go—or our modern liberal society is going to be re-ordered to the point that we will be forced to abandon many public spheres and to ask permission to enter others. Isn’t that the inevitable result?

Peter F. sounds like he is still very capable. I’m not. At nearly 65 and with a host of bum joints, I couldn’t defend myself in the manner that I could have twenty-five years ago. I need a weapon.

There’s a large shopping mall in Hanover, Maryland that I used to stop into on occasion. The demographics of its shoppers are noticeably changing. Not long ago, as Peter F. will understand, I was walking along a very wide corridor, probably twenty-five feet wide, as three large and healthy young black males came toward me. I moved to my right to grant them plenty of room. They had a look on their faces that told me that they weren’t simply shopping. The one who passed closest to me moved closer and raised his left hand toward his face to project his elbow like a weapon, right into my upper arm. The intentional elbow was very painful and could never be mistaken for an accident.

I stopped and turned. They were laughing at me as they confidently walked on. My mind was racing. I wanted to strike back, but I knew that I wasn’t capable. It was such a mixture of anger, humiliation, and fear—and of resignation.

Either I avoid the possibility of that happening again, or I prepare for it. The alternative is what I suppose will happen; that I and other whites will increasingly abandon certain areas of our own society to the growing subset of savage blacks who will rule there. Slowly and surely white freedoms will be compartmentalized and we will settle in to a new reality. But they won’t be so confined forever.

Stand Your Ground and lawful Concealed Carry, even with the latest two-steps-back and one-step-forward legal decisions, will steadily be degraded and removed as our right. Then what?

Even now with the current restrictions, one who is carrying legally will pay with his freedom unless he has dotted every “I” and crossed every “T” at the very moment when it’s his instincts and timely reaction that would save the lives of his loved ones or his own.

I don’t want to shoot and kill someone that I rightfully challenged for assaulting me in public (call the police?), when such simple assaults are morally acceptable to a failing society that turns its guilty blind eye to it every day. I’m an honest grown man who is being made to feel increasingly like a coward who is unwilling and unable to stand up and defend myself in the face on an ongoing assault. I’ve been intimidated because I still have something that I want to live for.

Until every single one of us stands up to the black savagery every time it happens, we will never take back the streets that used to be part of America.

Only a man willing to risk everything will stand his ground unarmed, and armed he risks going to prison for the rest of his productive life.

Peter F. writes:

Your reader Buck wrote:

“The one who passed closest to me moved closer and raised his left hand toward his face to project his elbow like a weapon, right into my upper arm. The intentional elbow was very painful and could never be mistaken for an accident. I stopped and turned. They were laughing at me as they confidently walked on. My mind was racing. I wanted to strike back, but I knew that I wasn’t capable.”

There are things one can do to fight back, while staying within the scope of the law. I suggest the following:

1. Most black and Hispanic troublemakers act in groups and single out an individual or perhaps a couple for harassment, hooliganism, etc. If possible, go out with one or more companions. By doing this, you will make yourself less likely to be targeted. If you are involved in an incident, you will have at least one friendly witness to backstop your side of the story. Yes, this is an inconvenience, but it does work. There is strength in numbers.

2. Purchase a cane or umbrella designed for self-defense, and learn how to use it. Canemasters offers these products and instruction in how to use them. Pepper spray works well, too. Use these as a last resort, and according to local statutes. If you need guidance, many local LE [?] agencies offer workshops or advice on self-defense. Many martial arts can be adapted to use by the infirm, aged, or disabled.

3. If you are struck intentionally, you have grounds for calling the police. Do so at once. In many jurisdictions, what happened to you would be considered assault or assault and battery. If not the police, then summon the mall security and identify the culprits to them. [LA replies: I also wondered why Buck didn’t immediately report the incident. Obviously it was an assault and battery.]

4. Does your cell phone take photos or short videos? If so, use it to record what is happening.

5. Notify the owner-operators of the mall or shopping center of the incident, and inform them that if they cannnot secure the premises, then you will take your business elsewhere. Also notify your local media and police department. They may/may not prove helpful, but do not neglect to do this—one occasionally gets responsible officials who take these matters seriously.

Unfortunately, older people are at risk for these kinds of encounters, but there are steps that can be taken. Refuse to be a victim. Most punks are after prey, not an opponent. Do your best to stand your ground, and do not give in.

Wanda S. in Ottawa writes:

I was very sympathetic to Buck’s story about being bullied by black savages at the mall. When things change as they must, and whites start shooting back, something else will change: whites will themselves resort to tribalism as a means of self-defence. Then they will no longer fear having to defend themselves in court against a stacked system: the tribe will close ranks and it will be “nobody saw nothing,” just as it is now in black ghettos. So we’ll be back to the old days of lynchings and killings and the KKK, when no white jury would convict a white man of violence against blacks, and they’ll have only themselves to thank. I think people are getting close to that point now. I feel about blacks the way I feel about Afghans: “You had the biggest chance in the world to make a good life for yourselves, and you threw it away because you didn’t want to work like everyone else. You wanted it easy: a crooked game that was always fixed to pay out in your favour. Well, to hell with you.” If Katrina struck today, I’d ignore all the charity appeals and let the lazy starve to death.

July 27

Buck writes:

I like one of the tips from Peter F. But I don’t think that he has given the actual application of his suggestions sufficient thought. How could I possibly arrange for some capable adult male to accompany me or to escort me wherever I go, or even just to a mall? That’s nuts, and that’s just how I’d be seen, as nuts or as a doddering fool: Hey so-and-so, could you stop what you’re doing and escort me to the mall? I don’t think so. That’s just silly. I come and go constantly. How could I possibly arrange personal security every time I move?

I love the cane idea. There are days that I could actually use a cane.

I know how to fight. That’s not the problem. I’m near 65 and I’ve physically abused myself beyond repair. Two shoulder surgeries from years of construction work and from years of pounding on a heavy bag and moving between three different sized speed bags. It’s not that I don’t know how, but that I couldn’t keep it up for long or through the immediate pain, and certainly not against multiple threats. I may have a good thirty seconds. And I should not have to fight. I need a weapon.

I understand the law and that I can call the police or mall security. That’s what I’ve been talking about.

Submitting the time and continuing to rely on the “authorities” to do what they are increasingly unwilling and unable to do, and doing so only after the fact, is useless and getting more so. He-said/she-said disputes just frustrate them and the aggrieved. That is the state of the state.

Call a mall cop? In the majority of cases county cops can do nothing but listen to stories and take names. What can a mall cop do other than call a county cop? Granted that if I could follow and keep up with the three punks if, for whatever reason those decided to flee or simply leave, and the cops could find us where ever we are, and these punks had a history of 2nd degree assault accusations; then perhaps the cops would be closer to actually bringing charges. But I would have to be able to prove that what I say happened, happened the way I say that it did and that they intended it. The thugs, three in this instance, would obviously deny and simply assert that if it did happen, it was an accident; that the mall is crowded and they didn’t even realize what had happened. Sorry, I really didn’t feel a thing. How do the police deal with a that? They dismiss it and tell everyone to move on. That’s all that they can do. The black thugs know this.

Three protected black men against one “angry” white guy? Fat chance. I need a weapon and I need to be willing to use it. Anything else is civic posturing in a dying civilization. Turning to a failed state after the incident is useless, unless you are one of the protected. I think that we have made that clear a thousand times.

And calling the owners of the mall or the media? For God’s sake. The world is not going to stop for one aggrieved white man. It would take days and weeks to jump though all of the bureaucratic and administrative hoops that Peter describes. That would make me crazy. I’m not interested in wasting more time. I want to deal with the matter first hand, where it needs to be dealt with immediately.

Peter F. writes finally:

Unfortunately, older people are at risk for these kinds of encounters, but there are steps that can be taken. Refuse to be a victim. Most punks are after prey, not an opponent. Do your best to stand your ground, and do not give in.

Refuse? Stand your ground? Don’t give in? Other than to effectively retaliate immediately, I have no idea what those bromides mean.

I appreciate that Peter means to help, but the reality of things is beyond civics and whining to the feckless authorities who appear to aligned against any form of natural law.

Maryland is a “shall issue” state, which means that I have to meet certain criteria in order to demonstrate a real need to carry; (Has, based on the results of investigation, “good and substantial reason” to carry a handgun, including a finding that the permit is “necessary as a reasonable precaution against apprehended danger.”). When I do, it will be me that’s on the police radar. Every time I’m flagged by name or tag number, or for whatever innocent reason, it will be me that is approached as the armed and dangerous citizen. That is in fact just what I need to be, but not in the eyes of the state. I need to be seen as dangerous to the black savages that are increasingly encroaching into my life. Until that happens we’re all spitting into the wind.

Buck writes:

I just had a conversation with a friend who is a county cop. He agreed that most often, unless I had a witness and could show visible damage to my person, and I had the assailents’ names, descriptions, and vehicle indentification, if not them in person, that I would be wasting my time. He said that if, by chance, there was a decent quality security video that captured the assault from the right angle, then maybe. But, even then I would have to prove in court, against his denial, that the thug intentionally speared me with his elbow.

We’re on our own and maybe we’re going to have to be.

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