How conservatives respond to a racial genocidal indictment of themselves

Sophia A. writes:

Tim Wise, the “respected anti-racist” (nice work if you can get it), ran a tantrum at the Daily Kos, which has gotten a lot of attention on the right. I won’t link to it. Here’s a recap at Red State.

Funny, but sometimes I agree with him on the root causes of the problems in this country. It’s like he’s matter and I’m anti-matter. We just disagree on what is good and what is bad.

The author of the Red State article take the typical neocon line: defend against baseless charges of racism by pointing out how many blacks are Tea Partiers, etc.

When I see this, I get pessimistic. I don’t see how we can attack the real cause of our civilizational decline when the “conservative” response to insane left wing attacks is to buy into the left wing discourse. In fact I don’t believe in engaging liberals/leftists at all. Engagement is a form of compromise.

We have to concentrate on building OUR base. There are millions of sympathizers out there, they just need a vocabulary and a feeling of solidarity and ownership.

LA replies:

Good points by Sophia. Several readers had sent me the Tim Wise article, which I have read, but I didn’t want to write about it, because it is demented, and I don’t think that madness should be treated seriously.

At the same time, stripped of the insane hatred, the Wise article is making points that liberals commonly make, and that mainstream conservatives never (as Sophia points out) reply to adequately. So I may try to write about it soon.

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