McCain: the anti-white, anti-American multiculturalist

Remember when Sen. McCain declared last fall that America must be a country without a common culture or a majority people? “[O]ur one shared faith,” he said, “is the belief that a nation conceived in an idea—in liberty—will prove stronger, more enduring and better than any nation … made from a common race or culture.”

Yet look now at what McCain said last week to the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute (the remarks were also on CSPAN):

This [is] one of the defining moments in American history that really does define what kind of nation we are.

If there was ever such a thing as a noble cause, it is the one we are embarked on now. Anyone who is afraid that somehow our culture will be anything but enriched by fresh blood and culture, in my view, has a distorted view of history and has a pessimistic view of our future.

So, having rejected any common culture and majority race for America,—meaning the American culture and the majority white race that we have had through our entire history—he’s now welcoming Hispanic “blood and culture” to “enrich” us; and he’s not only welcoming it, he’s saying that the advancement of this Hispanic “blood and culture” is the noblest cause there is. So he does believe, deeply, in culture and race—the culture and race of nonwhites, namely Mestizos. It’s only European-Americans who are not allowed to maintain their historic culture and national identity, and who will not be permitted to continue as the majority group in the country they created.

The revelation here is not just that McCain, known as a conservative Republican, is really an extreme right-liberal who wants America to consist only of individuals and to have no culture at all (which is what he indicated last fall); it’s that McCain, the liberal, is really a leftist multiculturalist who is calling for the destruction of the historic American culture in favor of other cultures. But it doesn’t stop there, because he goes beyond even the usual multiculturalism, in promoting the advancement of the “blood,” the race, of nonwhites, as a noble cause, while attacking the race and culture of America’s historic majority people.

McCain’s pro-nonwhite racialism exactly fits what Jim Kalb said today, that under the liberal order it’s legitimate for Third World peoples to be racially embodied (or, in McCain’s phrase, to be seen as “blood”), but not for whites, since white people “are Cartesian abstractions while nonwhites are vibrant concrete realities.”

I repeat how amazing this all is. Exponents of the liberal “American Creed” are openly declaring today the anti-white, anti-American agenda that people like me have been inferring from their ideology for many years. It’s the apocalypse (the uncovering) of liberalism.

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Howard Sutherland writes:

Kalb’s point rings true. How often have we heard how “authentic” more primitive cultures (and peoples) are than our plastic, artificial society (and, by extension, we ourselves).

LA replies:

Yes, but the way he said it expresses something new and essential to this issue. Whites are literally abstract beings, consisting of nothing but the liberal self without qualities. Nonwhites are real and vital. Therefore there are different rules for whites and nonwhites. Whites, while advancing universal principles for all and serving the needs of nonwhites, must not themselves exist as material, racial beings, they must fade away, while nonwhites’ racial essence is celebrated.

David B. writes:

First, there is a letter from somebody at vdare today advancing the notion that McCain is actually insane. Mr. Sutherland said the same on the forum a year or so ago.

Several years ago, during our bombing of Serbia, I was watching Fox News. As usual, McCain was on. An American plane had been shot down, and the talking heads were speculating on the fate of the pilot. McCain kept referring to the pilot as “he or she.” He used the term “he or she” regarding the pilot seven or eight times. It was as if McCain wanted everyone to know what a great thing it was for women to be in a war.

I agree that McCain is an enthusuastic leftist on immigration. He has also long been one of the most aggressive feminists in public life. Many people mistakenly think that a military man is a “conservative.” The ones who get ahead do so by identifying with the prevailing political winds. In the present day, this means being a multiculturalist liberal. Since the early 1970’s, any miltary officer who questioned putting more women in the US military, had his career ended.

It is also worth noting that most Vietnam veteran politicians and officials tend to be very weak on the immigration issue. Examples are Sen. Hagel and FBI Director Mueller. The conservatism that military men have is actually a kind of “institutional conservatism.” This means loyalty to the organization and obeying the orders of the political leaders.

McCain goes farther than this. He takes the position most likely to gain favor with the media. I have never seen him not do this. He takes pleasure in sticking it to us on the immigration issue.

LA says:
The vdare headline says the letter “confirms” that McCain is “insane.” It does no such thing. It repeats already published facts about his service, focusing on the fact that he was not promoted significantly after his time as POW. Since when does a failure to be promoted to Admiral prove that a person is insane?

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