Finally, the truth about Bernard Lewis is told in a mainstream publication

Bill Warner, director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam, tells FrontPage Magazine in an interview this past April on “The Two Kinds of Dhimmis”:

Jews are the oldest and supreme dhimmis. They actually write propaganda for Islam. Bernard Lewis and Ruven Firestone are dhimmi sycophants of the highest order. They transform dhimmitude into an elitist Islamic Golden Age. And, of course, since Muslims are a minority in America, Jews would not want to be caught dead being bigots by opposing political Islam. So, the dhimmi Minnesota Jews helped vote in the first Muslim US Congressman whose supporters yelled “Allahu akbar” over and over again at his victory celebration.

Warner, who from his photo accompanying the interview is something of a character, is also unique among Usual Suspects in that he at least admits the fact that he never talks about immigration. As a lead-in to this topic, here is a passage from a March 2007 VFR entry, “The Conference of the Suspects,” in which I sum up the Usual Suspects phenomenon:

The “Usual Suspects” is VFR’s term for people who with passionate urgency and a deep sense of mission warn that Islam is a mortal threat to Western civilization, but who never once mention the main factor that has allowed the Islamization of the West to occur, namely the mass immigration of Muslims into the West, and who never once mention the only way to stop the Islamization of the West, namely, to stop (and, at least to some extent, reverse) Muslim immigration.

In May 2007, in a blog article entitled, “Phillips on Britain’s appeasement—Physician, heal thyself!”, I wrote:

[T]he thought about the immigration aspect of the Muslim problem literally cannot form in their [the Usual Suspects’] brain. I have demonstrated this in my discussions with and about them. Even when they think they’re talking about it, they’re actually avoiding it. It’s evident they have never thought about it and have no ability to think about it, and have no curiosity about why they don’t think about it and why no one else talks about it.

The proof that they’re unable to think about it is that they do not even acknowledge the odd fact that they don’t discuss it. They don’t say something like, “I’m aware that some people feel immigration restriction is a key element of handling the Islam problem, but I don’t want to deal with the immigration issue for the following reasons.” No, they never even say that much.

The one exception to this that I know of is Bill Warner of the Society for the Study of Political Islam, who after I e-mailed him about his total ignoring of Muslim immigration in an interview at FrontPage, in a later article said something like, “We can’t do anything about immigration now, first we must all study Islam and talk about Islam, then we’ll be ready to take action about Islam.” It wasn’t much, but at least he acknowledged the fact that he was not dealing with an issue which the logic of his position would seem to require him to deal with.

So here’s to you, Bill Warner, an unusually honest Islam critic who publicly speaks the truth about Islam apologist Bernard Lewis and who has at least on one occasion acknowledged the fact that he, Warner never discusses Muslim immigration.

By the way, I particularly recommend the above blog entry on Melanie Phillips. It’s a succinct description of her absurd position on Islam.

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