A simple theory of Weiner

Based on the further X-rated Anthony Weiner Facebook conversations published yesterday, I think a simpler explanation of his behavior than what I’ve offered previously (here and here) is possible: The man enjoyed engaging in crude online sex talk with women he didn’t know, and he thought he could do anything he wanted to do and get away with it; so he did it. End of story.

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Leonard D. writes:

I think a bit more can be guessed. The reason he kept doing it was that he had done it before and gotten away with it.

I would bet that Weiner over a period of time worked up to the level of indecency at which he was eventually caught. He has been “sexting” for at least three years by his own admission. There is bound to be more of it earlier—he has been a congressman since 1999. He probably started with merely inappropriate virtual relationships with his female fans. Gradually he pushed the boundaries further out. This is why there are six known women, as well as the other approximately 100 attractive young women he quickly “un-followed” in the early hours of this scandal. How many of them did he have improper communications with?

LA replies:

I agree that there seems to be an accelerating aspect to the behavior: the more he engages in the behavior, the farther he keeps pushing it. I’ve written about that before (and also in relation to DSK). But here I was trying to reduce the picture to its simplest elements.

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