Clarence Thomas on Rush Limbaugh, Monday

Rush Limbaugh announced on Friday that he will have Justice Clarence Thomas on his progream for a 90 minute interview on Monday.

RUSH: He’s going to be in the second and third hour. It’s going to be the first 90-minute interview we’ve ever done with anybody. I taped it after the program yesterday because the first day of the new term of the Supreme Court is on Monday, and he couldn’t make it live….

I start out with him when his mother gave him up. She couldn’t afford him and his brother, and his grandfather took him in, and the title of the book is My Grandfather’s Son. I started from there, and I didn’t get to the confirmation hearings ‘til what was like the end of the first hour….

Thomas has never publicly discussed his confirmation ordeal. It was one of the most terrible events in modern American history, the moment when the American left turned consciously evil, seeking to destroy a human being before the eyes of the world.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at September 30, 2007 10:07 PM | Send

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