They weren’t with him when the deal went down

On his radio program today, Rush Limbaugh gave the background on the football team purchase issue which he had not been at liberty to discuss earlier. He did not initiate this deal. The consortium approached him, seeking his participation. He told them that given his controversial status his involvement might cause problems for them. They said that they had that covered and would not be bothered by any attacks on him . But when the attacks came they changed their mind and asked him to withdraw from the partnership. He said no, he would not withdraw quietly, they would have to “fire” him. And that’s what happened.

I have many criticisms of Rush Limbaugh. Among other things he carried GW Bush’s water for eight years, while constantly bleating that he “couldn’t understand” why Bush was so liberal on various issues. But sometimes—the heroic way he handled his deafness stands out—Limbaugh is a mensch.

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David B. writes:

I see you have written about the Limbaugh Affair and how it is a step towards the Leftist Dictatorship. Rush said similar things today.

But I am tired of his childlike worship of the NFL. It resembles his uncritical support of George W. Bush.

Today Rush (again) talked of how much he loves the NFL and his admiration for those who play in it. Excuse me? Rush’s isn’t 15 years old anymore. I used to be a big pro football fan, but have outgrown it.

Limbaugh has made three major efforts to get into pro football. In 2000, he applied to be an announcer on Monday Night Football. Three years later, he landed a gig on ESPN until he made the McNabb comment. This year, we have the part-owner fiasco.

Several years ago I wrote to you that I thought Rush would rather be on Monday Night Football than his political radio show. It doesn’t seem to bother him that his love of Pro Football is not reciprocated, to say the least.

LA writes:

The title of this entry is—what else?—a paraphrase of a Bob Dylan line, “I’ll be with you when the deal goes down,” from his 2006 song, “When the Deal Goes Down,” of which I’ve also written a full length take-off.

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