Open political war against whites, cont.

In the entry, “Will there be open political war on whites as whites?”, Jeff W. has provided many disturbing quotes of virulent anti-white and anti-Republican comments at the liberal website Salon. It is striking that these commenters (most of whom, of course, are white) see whiteness as evil and the Republican Party as the instrument of this evil, whereas, in fact, the Republican Party rigidly excludes the slightest concern about whiteness and supports immigration and other policies leading to the marginalization and submergence of the white race in this country. Given that the GOP is hated for its non-existent devotion to the defense of white America, isn’t it obvious that for the same price the GOP could actually be devoted to the defense of white America?

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Shrewsbury replies:

Ya, and it’s sort of hilarious that this character writes an article about how the Republicans have to reach out and touch some minorities, and the result, even at the relatively genteel Salon, is this crazed, venomous outpouring of bigotry and frenzied, even murderous, hatred. Will this jeenyuss notice that this maybe says something important about his brilliant thesis?

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