Can anyone tell us what Lisa Murkowski’s stated justification was for running as a write-in candidate after she lost the GOP primary to Joe Miller? Did she claim that Miller had beaten her by fraud? Did she claim that she represented some fundamental policy or principle that would fail to be represented unless she were re-elected? Did she claim that her presence in the U.S. Senate was somehow indispensable to the survival of the country? On what basis did she, a Republican U.S. Senator from Alaska who had lost the Republican primary, justify running against the Republican nominee, Joe Miller?

I’m impressed by Miller, who seems like an intelligent conservative. He also has a good speaking manner and a good voice, which always tilts me in someone’s favor. I would be sorry to see him lose, which at least one recent poll and other sources indicate may happen. However, let us not forget the phenomenon Dick Morris has mentioned: late deciding voters over the last several days are breaking strongly toward the Republicans. Also, polls in the Alaska race are confused by the fact that Murkowski is not running as a Republican. My feeling is that Miller will pull it out.


And here’s another interesting factor: being a write-in candidate, never a strong proposition to begin with, is a particular problem for Murkowski. A commenter writes at Red State:

Murkowski can’t win

Because everyone “knows” that Alaskans are too dumb to be able to spell her name properly.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

But seriously, being a write-in is bad enough; being one with a name like that just makes it even harder.

And even the polls that don’t prompt her name but show her getting high % points I bet don’t ask the respondent to spell the name …

Another commenter replies:

Actually the Lite Gov has already stated that anything close will work. The Rule is “the intent of the voter.” I’m pretty sure even “Lisa M.” will count.

Another reply:

The AK AG was supposed to issue a more definitive ruling on this question, but I’ve heard nothing on that for weeks now.

But I am absolutely *positive* that Miller’s forces will sue if they try and accept votes that simply say “Lisa M.” And they should. And they’ll probably win.

* * * LA writes:

When Sen. Frank Murkowski was elected Alaska governor in 2002 and vacated the office of U.S. senator, he appointed his daughter Lisa to the empty Senate seat. This disgusting act of nepotism caused such a furor in the state that the law was changed, taking away the power of the governor to make appointments to an uncompleted U.S. Senate term. So Lisa began her career as a U.S. senator by a gross act of nepotism, and now she seeks to continue that career by running as a write-in candidate against her own party’s nominee. It would be hard to find someone more dishonorable. Further, in this year of voter uprising against the entitled political class, it would be astonishing if she won.

Also, she’s a moderate Republican, of the same ilk as the two senators from Maine. Get this woman out of there!

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