Egypt and the cartoonishly disastrous neocons

A Muslim Brotherhood leader will be the speaker of the new Egyptian parliament, and the Muslim Brotherhood plus other “Islamist” (i.e., observant Muslim) parties will dominate the parliament. But at Commentary magazine, which cheer-led and pushed the destruction of the Mubarak regime because, the neocons were certain, Mubarak’s removal would clear the path to Muslim liberal democracy, there’s not a word being said about the unfolding events in Egypt which that magazine helped bring about. Instead, the overwhelming focus of Commentary’s blog is on the Republican presidential contest, with about eight items devoted to Jon Huntsman’s withdrawal from the race. I guess this is the neocons’ equivalent of cultivating their garden.

In light of the impending Islamist takeover of Egypt, this may be a good time to share a cartoon about “Nate the Neoconservative” which I saw several years ago and saved on my computer but never got around to posting. The cartoon is more appropriate than ever. Exactly like the full-of-himself Nate, the real-life neocons blunder through the world, understanding nothing, telling everyone what to do, causing one disaster after another, and never, ever learn from their mistakes.


Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 16, 2012 06:10 PM | Send

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