The meaning of Benghazi

Daniel S. writes:

Despite all the attention being placed on the lies and distortions told by the Obama administration about the murder of the American ambassador in Benghazi, the city itself remains a powerful example of why the West should have never intervened there in the first place. Brought to power by American and NATO efforts, the current Libyan authorities have demonstrated little interest or effort in investigating the attack on the consulate. No one has been charged and apparently Libyan security forces fear retaliation from Islamic militants if they pursue the guilty parties. This fear seems entirely justified in the wake of the yesterday’s assassination of Benghazi’s security chief Farag al-Dersi.

Under Khaddafi, Libya had made peace with the West, had abandoned terrorism, and was actually something of an ally against al-Qaeda. Now Libya is for all intents and purposes a failed state that provides a safe harbor for al-Qaeda linked terrorists that have American blood on their hands. If John McCain and his ilk have their way that is exactly what Syria will become too.

LA replies:

And notice that with all the tremendous focus by the conservative media on the administration’s failure to defend the consulate from the attack and on the subsequent lies and cover-up, no one in the conservative mainstream states the larger and obvious truth about Benghazi that you just stated.

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