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Here is the video of Obama speaking at the town hall meeting in Ohio yesterday. Some of his remarks, taken by themselves, are not as bad as I characterized them here. For example, he didn’t say that anyone had done anything ugly, he said that the process was ugly. But that’s still pretty bad. This is the President of the U.S., characterizing a legislative process initiated by himself and his party as “ugly” because it didn’t end as he wanted. Overall, my description was correct. He did accuse opponents of the bill of “scaring the bejesus out of everybody.” He did call the event in Massachusetts a “buzz saw.” Of course what transpired in Massachusetts was simply a democratic election in which Obama’s side was defeated. But such is his narcissism that if his side loses an election, he sees that as a buzz saw tearing human bodies to shreds—namely his own. Which is why he’s so bitter. Instead of acknowledging that people oppose the health care bill because they have rational reasons for thinking that it’s a horrible bill that would be far worse than what we have now, he believes that sinister forces have brought the bill down. In this biggest crisis of his presidency, he is unable to grasp what is happening around him, he is unwilling to listen to what the people are saying to him. In fact the crisis consists, not in the defeat of his bill, but in his refusal to take in the good-faith concerns of his opponents. He lives in a constructed reality of his own which he thinks is the only reality, and which he seeks to impose on the real reality (i.e., on America), which he thinks is false and evil. Describing a peaceful democratic election as a “buzz-saw” exemplifies this gnostic mentality.

All of which suggests that it’s not just Obama who is in crisis; it’s the nation that is or may soon be in crisis, a crisis consisting of the fact that the nation’s executive leader is at war with it (he’s not at war with al Qaeda; he’s at war with us). Will he finally accept the fact that the country rejects his health care plan and has good reasons for doing so, or will he continue the war? If the latter, we are in for very rocky times ahead.

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Charles T. writes:

You wrote:

“Will he finally accept the fact that the country rejects his health care plan and has good reasons for doing so, or will he continue the war? If the latter, we are in for very rocky times ahead.”

President Obama, by refusing to understand the reality of his situation, will continue the war against the electorate. It is the nature of leftists to continue on their course; nothing ever sways them from changing their ways or their political goals. They simply refuse to quit. This is one of the reasons they have been so successful at certain points in the history of the nations. It is also a reason for their failures as well. Because they refuse to quit, populations eventually grow tired of them. There always seems to come a tipping point when the population gets fed up with “The Anointed.”

Yes, I agree, that we are in for rocky times ahead. However, if President Obama continues with his stubborn ways, hopefully this will drive support away from him. Hopefully, the American electorate will continue to repudiate him. To do so will require steadfastness by those who want to oppose him.

LA replies:

The ultimate question, raised yesterday by Shrewsbury, is this: would Obama, frustrated by reality’s rejection of him, try to use his presidential powers in a dictatorial way? And my reply was that the American system has a self-correcting mechanism which we’ve just seen at work this past week. Further, we already see many Democrats and liberals moving away from Obama as he hunkers down in his delusions. Without the Democrats’ support, he would not be able to make himself into a dictator. Which doesn’t necessarily mean that he won’t make moves in that direction. The fact is that we have a president who is hostile to the country, and whose main initiative on which he has staked his presidency has just been decisively rejected by the country, making him far more hostile. Hence my comment about rocky times ahead.

Jeff W. writes:

Here is a response to your Alien Unplugged thread:

I am reminded of Adam Smith’s reply to his young friend John Sinclair. Here is an excerpt from the Life of Adam Smith:

One day Sinclair brought Smith the news of the surrender of Burgoyne at Saratoga in October 1777, and exclaimed in the deepest concern that the nation was ruined. “There is a great deal of ruin in a nation,” was Smith’s calm reply.

When everybody realizes that Obama is incompetent and unfit to make decisions, then responsible people will find ways to work around him. Responsible, patriotic Americans, of whom there are still many, will find ways to do what is necessary to do in order to preserve the Republic.

As these people make their decisions, Obama will no longer be in the loop. Nor will he be included in the important conversation among Americans on the topic of who will be the next president.

That is how healthy organizations and nations cope with a bad leader, and America still has some health in it, as the recent Massachustts election showed.

Sam B. writes:

Larry, D’you think that BHO has read Moby Dick, or if he has, has taken Ahab’s monomaniacal lesson to heart? The health care bill is his White—“white”, get it?—Whale, and if he continues to pursue it, he will not only take himself down, but all of us with it—just as with Ahab and his captive crew. Ishmael survived—to “tell the tale.” But who will be our Ishmael?

LA replies:

Yes, I think it’s reasonable to say that Obama’s paramount objective in the health care bill and his other initiatives is to bring down white America, by punitively taxing middle class whites in the health care bill and transferring their money to nonwhites and illegal aliens; by siding with Islam against the United States (“I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear”); by sending U.S. soldiers to die for the sake of Afghans who are not our friends (see Diana West on this); by appointing the blatantly anti-white Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court and numerous anti-whites to posts in his administration; by supporting vastly expanded nonwhite immigration and amnesty (though he may not move forward with that this year); and by declaring, in his March 2008 race speech, that whites deserve to be hated by blacks with Jeremiah Wright type hatred until they make blacks equal to themselves in all outcomes and goods. He said this very clearly in that speech, as I’ve explained, but your typical conservatives were so awed by his criticisms of blacks and his nuance and his “thoughtfulness” that they didn’t notice it.

The health care bill is the main initiative of his presidency. Since it would be financially ruinous to the white, wealth producing, independent part of America for the sake of the nonwhite, non-wealth producing, dependent (and illegal alien) part, while also subjecting free Americans to a paralyzing bureaucracy from which they could never escape, it is his main way of breaking the back, crushing the independent spirit, of white America, of slaying the White Whale. That’s why he must succeed and cannot compromise or accept defeat.

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