Are whites waking up in response to increasing black anti-white violence—or descending into an even deeper sleep?

In response to today’s story about the white man in D.C. who asked a black man in an alley outside his condominium to pick up a beer can the black man had dropped, and as punishment for his temerity instantly received extensive facial injuries requiring reconstructive surgery, Buck writes:

The fact that this brain-dead white man was so stupid as to say anything of a confrontational nature to a potentially violent assailant in a back alley—a derelict wearing a hoodie—without being prepared to defend himself, is worse than the attack itself. The condominium has heavy iron bars on every window. What did the idiot think they were there for? And the pathetic DC police could have eliminated in short order the intimidating, drinking, urinating, trashing thugs who had taken over the residents’ alley for their drinking lounge, but someone had to have the guts to give that order.

And why in the hell would anyone risk using the alley door just to save a few steps? These hapless white fools who wander semi-conscious and defenseless in Black-Run America, with their empty hands in empty pockets, and their empty heads in the clouds, will be weeded out as the black intifada runs its course.

LA replies:

It would appear that, contrary to what one might expect, the Eloi syndrome is not decreasing in response to worsening Morlock violence, but increasing. Which brings us to yet another corollary of Auster’s First Law: The more violent and dangerous toward whites blacks become, the more clueless and blind whites become toward blacks, and the more they deliver themselves into the maw of black savagery.

LA continues:
What I just said is compressed and needs to be unpacked. Here goes:

1. Under liberalism, it is racist to say anything negative about blacks.

2. Therefore if blacks are violent toward whites, and whites notice this and speak about it, then they, the whites, are racist.

3. From which it follows that the more violent blacks are toward whites, the more racist whites are for noticing and speaking about this black anti-white violence. (Auster’s First Law.)

4. But whites, particularly liberal whites, don’t want to be, or to appear to be, racist.

5. Therefore the more violent against whites blacks become, the less the liberal whites will notice the black violence and speak about it.

6. Which means that the more violent against whites blacks become, the less the liberal whites will be on guard against it, and the more they will deliver themselves into the maw of death or grave injury at the hands of savage blacks.

- end of initial entry -

Karl D. writes:

You wrote:

“The more violent and dangerous toward whites blacks become, the more clueless and blind whites become toward blacks and the more they deliver themselves into the maw of black savagery.”

I have a perfect example of that scenario. I once lived in San Francisco for several years and worked with a very liberal white woman who almost had an obsession with black people. On her way into work some black hoodlums were hanging out on the corner and they were looking at her hard as she walked towards them. In typical liberal fashion it did not even occur to her that they did not have her best interests at heart. She smiled and waved at them and said hello. They smiled back and grabbed her, dragged her into a doorway and robbed her. She was so frightened she urinated on herself. The following day she took THE SAME route to work and saw the same men again on the same spot! The only difference was that this time she crossed the street while they laughed and pointed at her.

Also, I must say that, unlike Mr. Zarkov, I found the quality of life in San Francisco unbearable. Sure, the scenery and weather were nice, but there were bums, junkies and low-lifes all over the streets and on the buses who would accost you, defecate everywhere and generally make daily life miserable. I only lasted four years before I headed back to New York.

Alexis Zarkov writes:

Karl D. writes, “Also, I must say that, unlike Mr. Zarkov, I found the quality of life in San Francisco unbearable.” I agree, and I don’t live in San Francisco. I live in one of the communities along the I-680 corridor—Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville, San Ramon, and Pleasanton. For the most part, all of these communities are well run, and free of serious crime.

Picking one of these places at random, say Pleasanton, we can compare crime statistics. For 2006, zero murders, compared to the national average of seven per one hundred thousand. Robberies at 37.6 versus a national rate of 205.8. Compare and contrast to San Francisco. Murder at 11.5 and robbery at 517.1. Now if you want to see how bad it can get, look at East St. Louis. Murder at 101.9. This is astronomical. Even very dangerous cities such as Washington, D.C. and New Orleans have far lower murder rates, 23.8 and 51 respectively. Note that East St. Louis is 97.74 percent black. As day follows night, crime follows the black demographic.

Matthew H. writes:

It’s hard to see how whites could not have come around by now. It only took a few experiences in youth to make me very wary of blacks, especially the younger males.

But then the fear of being called racist is now very deeply embedded in the white psyche. To articulate the fact of black violence is not just to risk being an instant pariah but is an act of insurrection against our whole social order. So great is this fear that hardly a man will stand up publicly and tell the truth. Even the estimable “Paul Kersey” hides his name. [LA replies: As we discussed in an important entry in February, “Are whites brain-dead—or toiling under the reign of fear?”, no person in mainstream society can state under his own name even mildly critical things about blacks without incurring serious and permanent damage to his job and career.]

I think it goes back to loss of faith in God. Mencken once defined puritanism as the haunting fear that somebody, somewhere was happy. Leftism is the haunting fear that somebody, somewhere trusts in God more than in the state. Most white Americans have substituted an amoral faith in government for morality and faith in God. Therefore, whether consciously or not, they are Leftists. As blacks are the storm-troopers of the American state (wherever there are blacks the state must expand to sustain and contain them), godless whites intuit that regardless of the collateral damage they cause, blacks must always be the “good guys.”

Beth M. writes:

Over the past five years, a lot of people have had to relocate to a new city, or downscale to a worse neighborhood in their own city, due to the worsening economy. With husbands and fathers out of work, or earning less, there is more pressure on the wife and kids, as well as the husband, to take whatever job is available immediately, which means that jobs that would have been refused in past years because they were in dodgy neighborhoods are now being accepted. Marriages often fail when a couple falls on hard times, with both spouses having to relocate to cheaper quarters.

With every passing year, the percentage of non-whites in the population continues to rise, and my guess is that a lot of the “idiots who make fatal mistakes,” are people who grew up in nice neighborhoods with little crime and less diversity. They have been told their entire lives that “every culture is different but equal” and “skin color doesn’t matter.” When they are forced to move from their nice neighborhood to a not-so-nice area, or when their nice area becomes a host area for minorities with Section 8 vouchers, they do NOT understand what the “rules” are.

This situation is going to get worse before it gets better, as there are still lots of people who grew up in all-white areas and really don’t understand how to survive in a diverse environment.

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