Maggots in the sun pretending to be a political party

I wrote off the one-time (I thought) genuinely conservative Michael Reagan some time ago for completely buying into the neocon view of Islam. Now he has given us another reason to write him off: he buys into the Rubio amnesty plan, declaring:

Make no mistake about it, my father Ronald Reagan would be happy to see the Republicans taking a leadership position on this issue as they join with common-sense Democrats.

If a plan like the Rubio one was implemented, it would change the perception by the immigrant population that many conservatives are anti-immigrant.

Read the rest. The entire column consists of blatantly false arguments that have been proposed a thousand times before and have been `rejected by amnesty opponents, who are thoroughly familiar with all the false arguments, a thousand times before. What makes Reagan, who once opposed amnesty, believe them now, and what makes him think that we will believe them? His article is not the result of a thinking process or even a cowardly political calculation: it is deliquescence; it is dead organic material rotting and turning to liquid in the sun. That’s all that’s left of the Republican Party, or at least of the Republican Party establishment. They now replicate Britain’s Conservative Party as it has been since David Cameron took it over six years ago.

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Feb 14, 2013

Allan Wall writes:

Michael Reagan has endorsed amnesty since 2011 at least, and of course constantly utilizes his father’s reputation, presenting himself as the spokesman for
“What Reagan would Do/Think about XYZ Subject in the News”.

JC in Houston writes:

So what if it changes Hispanics’ perceptions that the GOP is “anti-immigrant”? It sure won’t change their perception that the Democrats are where the goodies and freebies are and that the GOP only represents the “rich.” As you said, same old rehashed lies. Pay back taxes…learn English…yeah right. And if they don’t? Betcha not one will be deported. The GOP is surely dead, just waiting for the embalmer to arrive.

Jack Jay in Hungary writes:

I think that one thing that Michael Reagan says that might be true is that his father would support amnesty as well. After all, Ronald Reagan signed the 1986 amnesty. Otherwise everything you say about the falsehoods in the article is correct.

LA replies:

I prefer to think that Ronald Reagan would not be an amnesty supporter were he alive. in his “farewell address” he moved toward a cultural conservatism that was new to him and had he lived I think he would have continued developing in that direction.

BD writes:

You’re right about this. The article is truly disgusting. Reagan says he hates illegal immigration, but he supports an amnesty that rewards and encourages it. I wonder if his father, a shrewd politician, would really have felt the same way. In the decade of the 1980s, there were three presidential elections, and California went Republican in every one - twice for Ronald Reagan and once for Bush I. I wonder when the next time will be that California votes for a Republican presidential candidate. Try “never.” But that has nothing to do with immigration - perish the thought! And after the 1986 amnesty, Hispanics expressed their gratitude by giving Bush the elder 30 percent of their votes in the 1988 election. Way to go. GOP!

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