The neocons were as sure of Obama’s defeat as they are that Muslims want liberal democracy and that all non-Western immigrants will assimilate

A friend who subscribes to The Weekly Standard just received the November 5 issue. On the cover is a picture of Obama, with the words, “A Presidency Fades Away”:


Do you think William Kristol and his colleagues are embarrassed at having stated as a FACT—as though, like gods, they were in possession of the future—that Obama was about to be defeated? I don’t. I think they are beyond embarrassment. Because, as political journalists, the neoconservatives are not people who live in relationship to truth. They are people who live in relation to promotion—their promotion of Muslim Democracy (even as Muslims consistently use democracy to adopt sharia governments), their promotion of American National Greatness Ruling the World (even as America sinks into bureaucratic tyranny and moral and intellectual deliquescence), their promotion of America as the Proposition Nation of Immigrants (even as the immigrants reject the Proposition and help turn America into a low-level statist swamp). It doesn’t matter if the things the neocons promote don’t work out. They have their job, which is to be promoters, and, for the present, they still have enough financial backing to continue earning their living at that job.

While some conservatives are showing signs of recognizing some aspects of the now-ascendant leftism, Third-Worldism, and moral rot in America and re-thinking their previous “conservative optimism” of which they have always been so proud, the neoconservatives will most likely continue in their illusions, at least for the time being. How they will adjust to the new realities over the long run I do not know. But one thing we can be pretty sure of: they will never admit they were wrong. They will never say, “I’m sorry for the disasters I have helped bring about, I deeply regret the heartbreaks I embraced.”

And here, as confirmation of what I just said, is the cover of their November 19 issue:


What the cover suggests is that the disaster that has just occurred consists, not in the fact that America has now changed irrevocably into a leftist state (a fate due in large measure to the mass nonwhite immigration that the neocons cheered and treated as a sacred cause), but rather that we have to endure the unpleasantness of living under Obama for four more years—the implication being that after those four years are over, things will be ok again.

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