A clarification

With all the talk here in recent days about what a “truly just” outcome would be in the elections (i.e., the total destruction of the Democratic Party), we, or at least, I, may have lost sight of the overriding practical goal of the elections from the conservative point of view. It is that the Obama agenda be stopped in its tracks, so that, most importantly, Obamacare shall be stymied and prevented from going into effect. That practical goal does not require a cosmic Democratic loss of 100 seats. Sixty would do it. Even fifty would do it. For that matter, forty might do it. At the same time, of course, the more seats the Democrats lose, the more wind goes out of their sails. If the loss is in the huge to cosmic range, no Democrat will be able to say with a straight face that the Dems had a good program, but failed to “sell” it. The truth will be undeniable—the truth that the Democrats forced something down the country’s throat that the country did not want, and that the country has now accordingly rejected the Democrats and their program.

So let’s roughly put it this way. Fifty or sixty would be enough to stop Obamacare. Seventy or eighty would be enough to discredit and silence the Democrats. Ninety or a hundred would be something like the moral and intellectual destruction of the Democratic Party.

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