Dharun Ravi, victim of the homosexualist tyranny

Dharun Ravi, former Rutgers student and former roommate of the late Tyler Clementi, is going on trial next month for … no, not for driving Clementi to suicide by sharing a webcam of Clementi kissing a male student in the room Clementi and Ravi shared (if prosecutors so much as mention the suicide there will be a mistrial), but for “bias intimidation,” invasion of privacy, and other charges related to the events that no one can actually say led to Clementi’s jumping off the George Washington Bridge in September 2010. As USA Today explains it (via John Derbyshire), the prosecutors’ case is weak, but they are going ahead with the trial anyway, because Ravi has been found guilty of Clementi’s death in the court of public opinion (led by loudmouth Gov. Christie whom some mindless conservatives still consider a conservative). If found guilty on all counts, Ravi could be sentenced to ten years in prison, basically for videotaping his roommate in the room they shared. As lawyer/observers point out, if Clementi had kissed a girl, there would be no case, no trial. The trial is an expression of the rising power of the homosexualist lobby. We should add that the power of the homosexualist lobby is indistinguishable from the tyranny of the homosexualist lobby.

In connection with which, Derbyshire references Dorothy Rabinowitz’s 2003 book No Crueler Tyrannies, about the monstrous witch-hunt prosecutions and long-term imprisonment of completely innocent persons over fantastical charges of child abuse in the 1980s and ’90s, and adds: “Today it’s the homosexualist lobbies grabbing for more power and influence in the sheep’s clothing of an “anti-bullying campaign.”

To any rational person, a main lesson coming out of the Rutgers case is that non-homosexual college students should not be forced to be roommates with homosexual students, as this is likely to lead to the sort of tensions and troubles that occurred between Clementi and Ravi. The latter, after all, had to abandon his own room to allow Clementi to use it for a homosexual encounter, which annoyed him and led to his engaging in the prank for which he is now facing ten years in prison. But of course the lesson homosexualist public opinion has taken is the opposite: that everyone must be forced to associate with, share the same dorm room with, share the same army sleeping quarters with homosexuals, and must be completely cool about whatever homosexual expressions and behaviors are then manifested in that shared space, as Dahrun Ravi was expected to be.

* * *

However, as I’ve said many times, homosexual liberation, and the tyranny that inevitably arises from it, cannot be ended, without ending heterosexual liberation, since homosexual liberation follows automatically from heterosexual liberation. The only way to end the tyranny attendant on sexual liberation is to return to traditional morality. And since we’re not about to do that, the tyranny will continue.

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