How to protest the end of America

Henry S. writes:

You call it The Catastrophe. I call it The Earthquake. I feel as if am stumbling about blind, in a ruined landscape, trying to get my bearings.

Yesterday something occurred to me. We have to DO something, we can’t just bang out emails to VFR, talk to our friends, and howl at the moon. We need to act.

It may not sound like much, but I suggest this. On Obama’s inauguration day, we do the following:

1. Turn off the television and completely ignore the proceedings.

2. Do not buy anything. What would happen if 50 million people refrained from buying anything for one day?

3. We fast for 24 hours, from the evening preceding the inauguration, to the evening of the inauguration. The fast would be a silent protest to the mindless consumerism and rampant spending that has driven our society to this cliff. It would also be a symbolic offering to the notion, utterly lost in the last few years, of sobriety and self-control.

4. We wear all black, to symbolize and communicate our mourning for our dear, dead Republic.

You are right: there is no country left, but we still have laws, and decorum. Obama won. But I think that a few gestures of public mourning, and outrage, might help our own morale, and might help us withstand the horrors to come.

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A. in South Carolina writes:

I just attended the funeral of my last great-uncle here in South Carolina. He was a decent, kind man who served his country in World War II, the same country I thought I lived in as a child in the 1970s. That country is indeed dead. We are monkeys crawling over the ruins compared to those Americans.

What can one expect from a people group that has been cut off at the roots, trained to hate ourselves, trained to love others more than our own ancestors, our own children, if we even have children (now we have dogs and treat them as children).

My Southern blood is up (no offense to my compatriots up North). My thoughts become radicalized. I am with Henry S.; I want to DO something.

God is lifting is hand from the once proud and God-fearing USA. I know firing off emails, blogging, complaining, etc. won’t do.

However, I am thankful to God for your articulate and lucid writings, including the brilliant regular commenters.

John C. writes:

JFK said “ask what you can do for your country.” Thanks to mass
immigration, it’s no longer my country. So I won’t be doing anything
more for this country. I will no longer show my allegiance or respect
for the country’s symbols. In fact, I will be doing everything in my
power to weaken, subvert, and disrespect what America has become. Since
the 1960s, the left has been very vocal about their hate for, and war
against, traditional America. They felt no shame at all in their
campaign to destroy it. I think it’s time we returned the favor.

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