Jews and truth

Irv P. writes:

You wrote:

The combination of liberalism and the clever Jewish brain is deadly. The Jewish brain needs to be guided by true principle. If it’s guided by a relativistic, dishonest ideology like liberalism, all those brains get used for the purpose of advancing lies.

This is one of the more interesting and cogent statements I have read from you. Bravo!

How can we get this though into those clever brains? (Maybe we could hang up signs in every Chinese restaurant in town.)

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September 21

Tadeusz H. writes:

I was struck by how much your comment agrees with what I wrote to a friend years ago. I quote from my old email:

… no other people are as terribly affected by rejection of religion as the Jews. An average atheist-agnostic gentile can lead a reasonably happy and satisfying life, while his Jewish counterpart as a rule is unhappy, guilt ridden, neurotic, and cynical, and very often devotes his, often formidable, intellectual energies to assorted chimeras of “progress.” Jewish resistance to the effects of spirit-deficiency is absolutely the lowest of all ethnic groups. Jews simply cannot “hold” that poison as well as the gentiles. If they don’t have the real stuff they will look for, or sometimes create, most monstrous substitutes.

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