Race, lies, and newspaper print

Glancing at a New York Times at a newsstand three days ago, I saw the headline:

New York Minorities More Likely to Be Frisked

And I thought, Heather MacDonald will be replying to that. And sure enough, at City Journal yesterday, she has yet another piece showing yet again the outrageous dishonesty of the Times’ coverage of supposed anti-black bias by the New York City Police Department. She describes the Times’ method:

give specific racial breakdowns for every aspect of police behavior, but refer to racial crime rates only in the most attenuated of terms. Disclosing crime rates—the proper benchmark against which police behavior must be measured—would demolish a cornerstone of the Times’s worldview: that the New York Police Department, like police departments across America, oppresses the city’s black population with unjustified racial tactics.

A paper that tells such gross, unconscionable lies doesn’t deserve to exist. It’s more like a criminal enterprise than a newspaper.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 15, 2010 05:25 PM | Send

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