A home invasion, on tape

An Arizona TV station has graphic video of a home invasion and robbery of a white family by a gang of two blacks and a third man of indeterminate race.

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John R., who sent the video, writes:

Upon a second visit to the link I just realized a delicious irony that I missed before: the ad on the page that plays automatically is for the new Steven Spielberg movie about President Lincoln that is obviously constructed to be a white-guilt generating machine! And obviously timed to appear just before the election. Though for “those who can see” it makes an enjoyably simple game of connect the dots!

LA replies:

Of course the knee-jerk conservatives like Rush Limbaugh will fall all over themselves cheering Spielberg’s Lincoln movie because of its “patriotism,” just as they did the deeply subversive Saving Private Ryan and the anti-American Flight 93. All you have to do is give them the superficial appearance of something “pro-American,” and they lose their minds, not seeing what’s really happening.

Buck writes:

The primary emphasis of this news report seems to be that these ruthless savages might do it again, not about what they just did. What is wrong with the police and the news readers that they talk this way? Are their brains warped? It’s not that these savages must be caught and punished for what we see them doing on the video, but perchance that they do it again. This is obviously what they do.

From the video:

News reader: “Police in Arizona are hunting for two suspects in a violent home invasion. They are worried that these men may strike again.”

They may strike again!

Deputy Sheriff: “They could go out and commit additional crimes. They’ve been very violent in their approach.”

In their approach they are violent? Violence is the essence of what they do!

God help us.

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