Still shocked by reality

Three months after the election, and non-thinking conservatives are still shocked that Obama won. J.R. Dunn writes at American Non-Thinker:

Too little serious conservative analysis of the 2012 presidential campaign has yet appeared. This is understandable. The results of the election were disheartening to the point of shock. The campaign defied all historical precedent, all commonsense interpretation. The Romney ticket should not have lost and did not deserve to lose. The Democrats, fielding the least worthy ticket in the past century — and that’s saying something — did not deserve to win.

Dunn is as clueless as Romney himself, who believed that after not opposing the incumbent except on the economy, not exposing the terrible things Obama has done, not opposing Obamacare except for pro forma gestures, not pressing the attack on the Benghazi horror in the second debate, and agreeing with Obama’s entire foreign policy in the third debate, Romney could possibly win against a charismatic nonwhite who is universally seen as a world-historical figure. Romney ran as a nothing. Yet Romney and all his supporters thought this nothing could win against an incumbent with a lot going for him.

It’s not just professional Republicans who are mindless and dead, it’s the Republican-conservative commentators who criticize the professional Republicans who are mindless and dead.

Dunn doesn’t see the obvious fact that Romney lost because he gave many voters no reason to vote for him. Instead, he spins out a complex, obscure theory that the Democrats manipulated naive conservatives into voting for Obama or withholding their vote from Romney. Dunn has a mind of sorts, but it’s a mind not directed at the plain reality in front of us.

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