The Rifqa Bary case, cont.

Here are two items at Jihad Watch about Rifqa Bary, the Muslim teenager in Ohio who converted to Christianity, then fled to Florida to escape death at the hands of her father. The first is about how Muslim spokesmen, aided by the mainstream media, are claiming that Islam is being defamed by Rifqa and her supporters. About which Robert Spencer comments:

See how it works? Father threatens to kill girl, in full accord with Islamic law regarding apostates. Girl flees, and reports what her father said. And suddenly this becomes an act of “defaming Islam.”

The Muslim apologists, again aided by the mainstream media, are even claiming that Islam does not call for the death of apostates. Spencer cites Koran and Hadiths to that this is not true.

The second item is an account of a conference call with Rifqa Bary’s attorney who claims that her parents’ mosque is jihadist, which makes it even more likely she will be killed if she is returned to her parents.

While every effort must be made to protect Rifqa, I cannot refrain from pointing out that as long as the main emotional energies of anti-jihad activists such as Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller go to protecting individual Muslims who are threatened by other Muslims, they are scooping water with a thimble while the sea is pouring through the dikes. The main emphasis of the anti-jihad movement must not be on protecting individuals who are threatened by Islam in the West, but on removing Islam from the West, by stopping and reversing the immigration of Muslims into the West. If your main concern is to protect our society from Islam, then your main agenda must be to stop and reverse the growth of Islam in our society. If your main concern is to protect individuals from Islam, then you will ignore that larger picture and allow our society to continue to be Islamized, and the individuals you want to protect will be lost in any case, along with all the rest of us.

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