Open borders arguments and the Church—a collection

These are articles dealing with the liberal Christian and particularly liberal Catholic pro-open borders position.

How liberal Christianity promotes open borders and one-worldism [My article at FrontPage Magazine]

The pope on immigration [Jim Kalb’s superb article at FrontPage Magazine delineating John Paul II’s open borders position]

The proof that Pope John Paul II was calling for open borders [Kalb’s decisive reply to reader who thought my criticism of pope was off-base.]

The benign and humane pope who opened Europe to, uh, barbaric and nihilistic jihadists

Have the last two popes called for open borders?

The Senate, aided by economists and Christian thinkers, progresses toward the inconceivably insane [Critique of Mary Ann Glendon’s appalling article on immigration at First Things.]

Immigration, sweet Christianity, and the demonic [Key excerpt from above article. The drive toward open borders is demonic, even when it appears in sweet, compassionate guise.]

Open-borders Catholicism comes to Wall Street [more on Glendon’s open-borders article]

Whither Romney? And whither the Catholics? [A long discussion about the Church and immigration. Does the Church call for open borders or not? If it does, how authoritative is the call? What is the significance of the fact that the Vatican II Council was pastoral rather than dogmatic?]

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