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Yesterday Carl Paladino gave a three minute TV presentation in which he attempted to put behind him the uproar over his personal life, his accusations about Andrew Cuomo’s personal life, and his unseemly confrontation last week with a New York Post reporter, and to restate his platform for saving New York. He says that many of our legislators are “crooks,” that New York is in a “death spiral,” that our young people leave the state as soon as they graduate. He said he will cut taxes by ten percent and spending by twenty percent. He outlined a persuasive sounding plan for rooting out the pervasive corruption that controls state government.

I think he comes across very well and seems like a genuine human being, something that no one could say about the repulsive Andrew Cuomo. If Paladino can stop acting like a crazy man and act like a governor over the next three and half weeks, I’d say he still has a chance of coming from behind and winning. But the transformation is not going to be easy for him. Even in the process of supposedly putting aside the personal accusations, he couldn’t stop himself from observing that “Andrew’s prowess [with women] is legendary.” Notwithstanding that slip, Paladino’s “reset” was successful as far as this voter is concerned. Last week I had written him off. Now I am disposed again to vote for him.

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Jim C. writes:

couldn’t agree with you more

Sophia A. writes:

Paladino may be a loose cannon but I’m standing by my man. I’m standing by my prediction, come hell or high water. I’m done with being a wishy-washy sensible sort.

Regarding O’Donnell, I admit I don’t know much about her except to form the haziest impressions. She strikes me as being a bit too conventionally feminine (and immature) to run a political campaign.

Palin on the other hand has quite a few masculine personality traits which contribute to her drive and focus. Also, her early marriage and childbearing forced her to mature. O’Donnell has a very girlish demeanor.

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