How the media describe the crimes against Bob and Nancy Straight

David B. writes:

From a local news station in Tulsa, here is an update on the rape-murder of 85-year old Nancy Strait and the beating almost to death of her 90-year old husband, Bob.

In the usual fashion, the atrocity is called a “robbery.” Unlike a recent murder spree in Tulsa, the MSM has ignored this one.

Note the comments after the article. Again, on a mainstream news piece there are comments about blacks that wouldn’t be allowed at VFR.

LA replies:

Here’s what the story said about “robbery”:

“The motive was robbery but 85-year-old Nancy was raped and beaten to death. Ninety-year-old Bob was beaten and shot with a BB gun.”

That’s so false and distorted it’s sick. Obviously if the perpetrator, Tyrone Woodfork (along with his accomplices when they are apprehended), is being charged with, e.g., rape, then he had the intent, i.e., the motive , to commit rape. If he is charged with murder, then he is charged with having the intent or motive to commit murder. The liberal media are unceasing in their work of diminishing and denying the savage acts of black criminals against white victims, by finding the softest and mildest way of describing these crimes. And one of the ways they do this is to make it appear that the perpetrator committed a lesser crime than the one he is actually charged with. Thus a black-on-white murder is commonly described as “a burglary gone wrong,” or, as I discussed in detail with regard to a murder in a luxury New York hotel in 2009, in which a black hotel employee used his keys to enter the room of a beautiful guest and strangled her and stabbed her to death, as a “rape gone wrong.”

Another factor here is that the rape of elderly women is something done almost exclusively by blacks against elderly white women. You never hear of such crimes with any other racial composition of perpetrator and victim. Yet this bizarre phenomenon is never noticed, never discussed. Obviously such an act is not committed for sexual purposes, but to humiliate and assert power over the victim’s race. It is motivated, in short, by black hatred of whites. But this also is never said. The existence of intense black animus against whites is never spoken of, never referenced in mainstream media. John Derbyshire spoke of it in his article “The Talk,” and he was instantly dismissed from National Review.

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Eric G. writes:

I remember when the beautiful blonde news anchor Anne Pressly was raped and brutally beaten to death by a black thug the news media and the police both stated the motive was “robbery.”

As if somehow to downplay the obvious racial aspect of a brutal rape and murder of a white woman at the hands of a black serial rapist. I guess the media and police just didn’t want to play into the “stereotyping” of black men as sexually aggressive and infatuated with white women. So they choose to lie. The police are just like the media. There is no difference. The liberal mindset is so deeply embedded in both that I would take nothing they say as truth.

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