Has the Zimmerman persecution lost its momentum?

Roland D. writes:

Isn’t it remarkable how all the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin news coverage has suddenly and silently faded away?

My guess is that the liberal media finally realized that their latest cause celebre doesn’t look like a winner, once the actual facts of the matter are taken into account, and they’ve therefore moved on to other things.

LA replies:

I haven’t followed the Zimmerman-Martin case for the last couple of weeks and I was not aware of the trend to which you are pointing. However, the first page of “George Zimmerman” Google results shows only stories about his non-guilty plea and his successful raising of money ($500,000) for his defense. The only item relating to the truth or falsity of the charges is a story at ABC which supports the view that Zimmerman shot Martin in self-defense. And in the second Google results page, there is no recent anti-Zimmerman item. All of this backs up what you are saying.

If, as seems on a quick view to be the case, you are correct, then my prediction made shortly after the beginning of the affair, that the left would suddenly go silent on the issue when the truth came out, may have been proved correct, though belatedly. I said it would happen within a week. If you are correct, it’s been five or six weeks.

Now it could it be that the issue has faded away simply because the trial process is now initiated and there’s nothing more to say at the moment. After all, no issue is talked about forever.

But that argument doesn’t hold. If the liberals were still persuaded that Zimmerman—the greatest Great “White” Defendant they’ve ever had!—had committed a racial murder, they would still be beating the drums against him. The fact that they are not still beating the drums is therefore a strong indication that the facts supporting Zimmerman’s innocence have won out over the bare-faced lies supporting his guilt.

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May 11

Roland D. replies:

You wrote: “The fact that they are not still beating the drums is therefore a strong indication that the facts supporting Zimmerman’s innocence have won out over the bare-faced lies supporting his guilt.”

At the very least, they’re hedging their bets.

LA replies:

For liberals to hedge their bets on Zimmerman’s guilt is tantamount to admitting they were wrong. This was a nationally orchestrated lynch mob. A lynch mob that has hedged its bets is a lynch mob that has gone home.

Analogously, for liberals to hedge their bets on manmade global warming is to admit they were wrong, since their position was that MGW was an absolute proven fact, endorsed by all scientists, and opposed only by mental defectives and cynical operatives in the pay of big business.

Frank R. writes:

Here in London, the BBC reported with unquestioning reverence a recent visit from the parents of Obama’s nearly son during which they staged a photo op with “Her Holiness” Doreen Lawrence at the street shrine of her son, Saint Steven. The latter was stabbed to death by white youths many years ago but has since been a significant catalyst accelerating the psychopathy of white guilt and self loathing to astonishing heights. One can only assume the purpose is to link the racist murder of the Lawrence boy with the shooting of Trayvon Martin, thereby borrowing some holiness from the Lawrences, whilst emphasising the narrative of Trayvon as innocent child victim of a trigger happy and racist murdering whiteman. Hopefully the U.S. left will not be able to junk the law on “double jeopardy” just to get their man, as they did here for the Steven Lawrence killers.

KGO writes:

On the above subject, I thought it just as well to forward the following complaint that I felt compelled to send to ITV (UK) just two days ago:

Date: Wednesday, 9 May, 2012, 14:17 Dear Sir/Madam,

I have just watched an announcement that, included in this evening’s (6:30) news programme will be a joint interview of the mother of Stephen Lawrence and the parents of Trayvon Martin.

Much prejudicial commentary has been published about the Martin case to date. To juxtapose the Lawrence and Martin cases on TV news risks compounding this problem considerably. From the point of view of criminal investigation, the Lawrence case is widely known to have involved nothing more than the search for Stephen’s murderers. The Martin case, however, has from the outset involved an assertion of self-defence on the part of George Zimmerman. At this stage, the two cases are not at all comparable.

I believe damage may have already been done by this lunchtime’s announcement. It has certainly given me every indication that this evening’s programme will ensure that it is done. I strongly believe it should be cancelled.

Buck writes:

Maybe the persecution of George Zimmerman has substantially played out in the media, but not because the truth has saved the day. Making modern liberals believe a lie is as difficult as driving a hot nail into Styrofoam; it effortlessly melts in. They’ve already made up their minds. All that I’ve ever heard is “Yea, whites are hunting them down and shooting them now,” “target practice on hoodies.” It’s sickening. These are successful professional men who are brain-dead when out of their element. I argued with a lawyer in the cigar lounge. He quickly told me that his partner is black. I guess that means that he has inside information? He made every possible effort to twist it into a murder, then acknowledged that he knew none of the facts. “Oh well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.” He was convinced at the beginning.

I had a rip-roaring argument with my cousin the other night. He’s all heart, a classic modern liberal. He began by declaring what a horror the Stand Your Ground laws are—“a license to kill.” He immediately declared Martin/Zimmerman the proof. I love my cousin, but I was not going to let this pass. I stood my ground. He had no facts, but was absolutely convinced that Zimmerman was a racist murderer. He had no idea what he was talking about. He tread water for twenty minutes, then went quiet. I did not change his mind.

Doesn’t matter, not to most of them. They have a template and they plug in the perps and victims and assign the blame. I kept asking him how he knew what he was arguing as fact; have you read most or any of the stories, the affidavit, did you even know about the bond hearing, have you actually given this some thought? “I read the [New York] Times,” with a tone of authority and finality.

There you are. Case closed.

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