Wake up, people! Muslims by definition cannot assimilate

This is from Rod Dreher’s important article on the Hirsi Ali interview with Reason (previously discussed here):

She says passing constitutional restrictions on Muslims is going to happen because the problem of Islamic extremism is not going to go away, and in fact is going to get worse—though sensibly, she acknowledges at length that there are some pretty strong reasons why America doesn’t have the same problem as Europe (e.g., Muslim immigrants to America want to assimilate, there’s not a welfare system for them to grow dependent on, white guilt is different in the US, etc.).

It’s not clear whether the idea that, unlike Muslims in Europe, Muslims in America want to assimilate, comes from Ali or from Dreher. In any case it is a widely believed notion today and it cannot be allowed to pass.

Here’s the reality. Throughout America, Muslims in places of employment, in public schools, in universities, are stopping their activities five times a day, going into public restrooms, taking off their shoes and socks, and raising their feet into the sinks to engage in the complicated ritual Muslim foot washing (each foot must be washed three times, as well as the arms up to the elbow, and the ears) that must precede the five-times-a-day prayer. If you walked into a restroom in a university classroom building and found a Muslim student washing his feet in the sink, would you feel that this was something that belonged in America? If you worked in a business with several Muslim co-workers where several times a day, they were in the restroom washing their feet in the sinks, would you regard this as the behavior of people who were assimilating into America? If you were at President Bush’s White House Iftar dinner, and came upon a Muslim who had his feet in the sink in a White House bathroom washing his feet, would you think this person was a part of America? Or if you were at the State Department during a recent dinner for Muslims in its historic Franklin room, and came upon a Muslim guest in a side room (as the Muslim himself described it) kneeling on the floor next to Thomas Jefferson’s desk with his forehead and nose touching the floor praying to Allah, would you think this person was assimilating into America?

We have to go beyond the no-brainer threat of terrorism and the obvious threat of jihad and realize that anyone following ordinary Islamic customs is unassimilable to our culture.

As a friend said the other day, the Muslims are acculturating us to them, in anticipation of gaining hegemony over us.

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