Leftism—the destroyer of human cohesion

Milos L. writes:

You’ve provided a very profound, and to me, at least, uplifting, quote in your Sept. 20th entry :

In a sense the very purpose of modern liberalism is to make our society so hateful that we won’t care about it any more.

I won’t deny that there are moments when I think it’s just not worth it. But you’ve shown me that this is exactly what liberals want and I must not give them the satisfaction.

LA replies:

Thank you. My source for that is in Jesus’ prophecies of the Last Days, in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24:

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

Or, in the Revised Standard Version:

And because wickedness is multiplied, most men’s love will grow cold.

Which I translate as: because people become immoral and unworthy of love, people stop caring for each other. And since, as I’ve often said, leftism is the political expression of evil,—more particularly, since leftism is the political expression of the rebellion against God and goodness of which Jesus speaks—under leftism people become increasingly unlovable and turn coldly away from each other. The forces of cohesion that hold a society together, die.

What is leftism? The deliberate destruction of the forces of cohesion—namely, goodness and love—that hold human society together.

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Tex Atlanta writes:

Doesn’t this affect the economy? What is the motivation to build new houses, create new industries and generate new wealth if there is no society for which to do those things? If people don’t have the incentives freely to do these things, then government coercion is the only way to get these things done. Why would anyone do any of these commercial things for a society he no longer cares about? Is it possible that our economy is going down the drain because there really is no coherent society for which to work?

Deborah C. writes:

Let me offer some thoughts on the unlovable, the product of godless leftism. It’s not only that there is little if anything remaining to love, revere, aspire to—in the manner of things noble—true, or honorable, in a world pillaged and polluted by leftism. It is that there are no hearts filled with love to do the loving.

Romans 5:8 tells us “that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” In other words, there is nothing in us to cause Christ to love us, much less to die for us. The agape love of God reveals to us that God’s love is unlike ours, wherein we are motivated to love what is beautiful, for example, or what is beneficial or pleasing to us, or what is useful for what he, she, or it can do for us. God loves because that is who He is. Perfect love, but perfect justice too.

Man may manifest God’s love (agape) only when he is filled with God’s spirit, when he lives a life of thanksgiving for what God has done for him—redeeming his life from the pit, saving him from the just penalty of his sin/wretchedness. When the church of Christ dwindles, when the flame flickers and dies out in a culture, no one remains to be Christ to his neighbor, much less to love as Christ has loved/does love us.

The reason our culture is so sin-sick is that the church has lost its salt; the reasons are many, but chief among them is the abandonment of the Bible by our so-called mainline church bodies. The corrosion of leftism filters first through the church and then into the broader culture. Few orthodox churches remain. Man would prefer to live a lie and serve the self (or the state—they are the much the same) than serve the Lover of his soul.

“Were the days not shortened … “

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