17 year old girl kidnapped and murdered during errand to law school in downtown Los Angeles

(Note: See Jake Jacobsen’s comment below. Charlie Samuels, incarcerated in the L.A. County Jail, is identified as black.)

David B. writes:

A 17-year old girl named Lily Burk was murdered last week when she went to Southwestern Law School in downtown Los Angeles to pick up some papers for her mother, who teaches at the school. The commenters on the story take the Los Angeles Times to task for not printing a photo of the suspect. The suspect, Charlie Samuel, is a garden variety street criminal. One of the commenters says that he is black.

I haven’t seen any news about this crime on the cable TV “legal shows.” Michael Jackson is still the Number One story.

LA replies:
While the story is still incomplete, what appears to have happened is that he abducted her in broad daylight in near the law school, made her drive to an ATM to get cash, then drove her to another place in the city several miles away, where he killed her with a blow to the head. And the police, our society’s designated relativists, call Lily Burk’s death the result of a “botched robbery.” As though the murder were a mistake. As though he didn’t drive her to another part of the city where he killed her. What drives police to downgrade the ultimate crime, murder, into a botched form of a lesser crime, robbery? What sickness is at work in otherwise normal Americans that they use language in such an unnatural, perverse way? The sickness of liberalism.
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Ben W. writes:

OK, so VFR publishes another story of black murder. And this will go on endlessly. Given the underlying foundation of liberalism, which undermines absolutely every form of law in society, it can only get worse.

Now honestly, was it that primitive of God in the Old Testament to tell the Israelites to stone the bastards? That eradicates problems very fast! Doesn’t God know that an SOB is an SOB end of story. So end the SOB’s story.

BTW Jesus in the New Testament did not say stoning was now forbidden from God’s perspective. He did not subvert God’s original pronouncement. Jesus told the Pharisees to go ahead and stone if they were without sin; he did not tell them NOT to stone.

As Bob Dylan sang, everybody must get stoned…

LA replies:

That’s a problematic argument, since no man is without sin. I think it’s simpler to say that Jesus was responding to that particular situation in which he found himself, and in which his enemies were seeking to trap him. He certainly was not going to approve a stoning personally or allow a stoning to take place in his presence. He showed a higher way. But that doesn’t mean he was seeking to remove the ordinary criminal laws from society, including capital punishment. However, I suppose it’s a reasonable intepretation that he was seeking to remove, or at least lead the Jews away from, the specific punishment of stoning for adultery. Notice that it wasn’t a depraved murderer whom he saved from the death penalty, but a woman who had committed adultery.

Stephen T. writes:

Southwestern Law School, where Lily Burk was abducted as she was getting into her car, is located in the old Bullocks Wilshire department store building, an art deco masterpiece from the 1920s. It its heyday, the store and its famous tearoom were frequented by Golden Age Hollywood: Garbo, Dietrich, John Wayne, etc. The fashion shows were legendary. A young woman named Patricia Ryan worked behind the cosmetics counter and was courted there by a guy named Richard Nixon, whom she later married. How utterly unimaginable it would have seemed to the tearoom crowd of that era that, someday, a 17-year old girl could be confronted in broad daylight right in front of that very building, taken off the sidewalk and driven away and murdered—by a drug-addict, ex-con, career criminal who was roaming the street freely.

Jake Jacobsen (www.freedomfolks.com) writes:

Not sure if your aware of

http://www. ancestorhunt.com/county-jail-inmates-search.htm

but it is an awfully useful tool.

Checking LA County jail, I found this:

Offender Record
Offender ID: 1997003
Date of Birth:06/21/1959
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Inmate Reception Center
Gender: Male

Assuming this is the guy, and the name seems fairly unique, he indeed looks to be a black man.

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