Norwegian PM tells rivals not to discuss Muslim immigration

Daniel S. writes:

Norway’s radical leftist prime minister is telling rival politicians not to talk about immigration during up coming election campaigns (at least according to Time magazine, which provided incomplete quotes).

As predicted, the governing left in Norway is cynically exploiting the terror attacks committed by Anders Breivik to stifle criticism of its support for open borders and multiculturalism.

LA replies:

The point suggested by reader James R. in an important comment the other day must be brought out and repeated: Given the fact that the Norwegian Labour Party are active supporters and allies of terrorists, who the hell are THEY to tell Islam critics, who are NOT supporters and allies of terrorists, that the Islam critics’ speech is dangerous because it may inspire terrorism? If anyone is responsible for helping legitimize and spread terrorism in today’s world, it’s the Norwegian Labour Party. Let them take the Scandinavian peninsula out of their eye,


before they tell us to remove the dust mote from our eye.

- end of initial entry -

LA writes:

And by the way, let’s not forget that Norway’s ambassador to Israel said last week that Palestinian terrorism against Israel is caused by (by which he meant justified by) the “occupation.”

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