Another reason for neoconservatives to oppose Wilders?

R. Janssen writes from the Netherlands:

Geert Wilders wants to withdraw Dutch troops from Uruzgan province of Afghanistan where they are stationed since he considers the mission in Afghanistan (and implicitly neoconservative policy in the Middle East) a complete failure. Could that be the reason why Wilders has fallen out of favour?

The Freedom Party’s website has Wilders’s statement in the parliamentary debate about Uruzgan. In the sixth paragraph you read:

Voor de PVV is het helder: weg uit Uruzgan, weg uit Afghanistan. Natuurlijk moet de Taliban worden bestreden, maar niet meer, voor zover we dat al deden, door Nederland. Ons land heeft meer dan genoeg gedaan. Het is mooi geweest.


It is clear to the PVV: leave Uruzgan, leave Afghanistan. Naturally, the Taliban should be fought, but not, as far as we did fight them, by the Netherlands. Our country has done more than enough. It’s been enough.

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