Race relations in America: the worthless blaming the non-worthless for their own worthlessness

The Touré Neblett “niggerization” charge against Romney was covered a week ago (here, here, here, and here), but I just came upon the blogger Stogie’s righteously furious response to it:

… As Neblett has pointed out, Romney is involved in the “niggerization” of Obama, by referring to Obama’s campaign as one of anger, deception and hate. “Anger” and “hate,” you know, are Republican code words for the nasty n-word, the word that cannot be written or spoken, lest Touré Neblett be turned into a pillar of salt.

Touré Neblett, Race-Baiting
Jive Turkey

For years we’ve all been told how insensitive we are to black folk, how utterly and thoroughly “racist” we are, and how we can never criticize any black person or hold [him] accountable for any of [his] choices, deeds or actions, since those are only a natural response to our racism. In other words, when a black person screws up, it’s always a white person’s fault. So when a black man gets elected president and proceeds to destroy Western Civilization as we know it, we cannot complain, we cannot criticize, we can’t even vote against him. No, we must sit there quietly while a professional victim like Neblett proceeds to insult and defame us, accepting all charges and accusations as gospel, enduring the stripes of his whip while begging forgiveness for our non-existent sins.

That’s just a sample, the whole thing is worth reading.

Now as I remember, Stogie a few months ago said at his blog that in his view race does not matter, and that he couldn’t understand why some conservatives (I think he was thinking of me) think that it does matter. After reading his post on Neblett, I looked for that earlier post, and couldn’t find it. But I did find a post by him from last December in which he lays out (reluctantly) the facts about black low intelligence, impulsiveness, violence, etc.

In that post, he also points to a 2008 VFR entry in which I responded to the notion that low black intellectual performance is explained by “stereotype vulnerability” (I love that phrase).

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