A lie worth countering

Paul Gottfried had an article at Alternative Right on August 6 in which he attacked Richard Hoste at length for his hatred of Israel. Hoste is so extreme that even his Alt-Right colleagues are turning against him. Unfortunately, Gottfried starts off the article with a low trick:

Although Richard Hoste seems to be the polar opposite of Larry Auster, both of them are equally driven by Jewish fixations. Auster considers anyone who fails to meet his fastidious standards of Jewish nationalism and anti-anti-Semitism to be a closet Nazi. Hoste by contrast can’t rein in his hatred for Israel and for anyone who sympathizes with that country’s geopolitical plight. If this is our choice of allies, then the non-aligned Right should be ready to close shop.

Thus, in a transparent bid to cover himself in the anti-Israel environment in which he now lives, Gottfried suggests that I, in my way, am as bad as Richard Hoste.

For the record, the people I have described or would describe as closet Nazis, quasi Nazis, or just plain Nazis are, one, people who seek to exterminate Jews, and, two, people who justify, excuse, and rationalize people who seek to exterminate Jews. It is a lurid and disgusting lie to say that I have ever called anyone Nazi-like merely for failing to support Jewish nationalism or for failing to oppose anti-Semitism.

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