Are whites historically as savage and dangerous as blacks?

At the American Renaissance website, my recent entry, “When He Was 13, Belcher Repeatedly Beat Up and Threatened a White Boy Until the Boy’s Family Were Forced to Move,” was posted. A commenter named lupin said this:

My ancestors include Viking berserkers, Scots-Irish frontiersmen, and a few Viriginia gentlemen ready to meet at dawn anyone who showed them disrespect. They were impulsive and violent—they were in fact very dangerous men. I’m not willing to concede that Africans are any more dangerous or violent than my own people, who were real masters at imposing their will on the world.

This was followed by two interesting responses. First from The Bobster:

Go back to your dorm room and flagellate yourself for being White. Whites do not chimp out at the drop of a hat.

Next from Svigor:

Nonsense. While all population groups have historically shown their potential for savagery and violence, blacks have never shown their potential for civilization.

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