The self-deconstruction of the Tories

Janet Daly has a devastating article in The Telegraph recounting how the Conservative Party lost its nerve and decided to “re-brand” itself, in the process turning itself into a void. As a result, instead of the fall of Labor government in the upcoming elections that was universally expected a year ago, it’s the Tories who are now facing likely defeat. Think of how bad you have to be to lose to Gordon Brown, the most hapless leader politically, and the most unattractive leader personally, in the history of electoral politics. Think of how bad you have to be to facilitate the re-election of your thoroughly discredited opponents who have now been in power for 13 years, which I believe is the longest any British party has been in national office at least since 1800.

From December 2005, see David Cameron’s roll-out of his new, re-tooled Tories, looking, as I said, like a bunch of children’s TV presenters. That this pathetic crew is now behind the Labor Party in the polls, who can be surprised? Like our English commenter, Philip M., I hope the Conservatives do lose, ridding Britain of Cameronism.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at March 15, 2010 12:22 PM | Send

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