“Just Undo It,” cont.

With the summer weather, I’ve finally started wearing the T-shirt I bought last fall, which features the words “Just Undo It,” along with a graphic of a backward pointing arrow. I’ve enjoyed wearing it around my liberal Manhattan neighborhood, and seeing the expression on people’s faces when they read it.

The most immediate and obvious meaning of “Just Undo It” is, of course: Undo Obamacare. This is important to me not only because, as I’ve said many times, Obamacare if it’s not repealed means the decisive end of American liberty, but also because, if we had the nationalized health care system that Obamacare aims at, then private medical research and development—including the development of the drug that has so far saved my life, created by, and administered under a clinical study that is run and financed by, a private company—would not exist.

In addition to its call for the repeal of Obamacare, I also relate to “Just Undo It,” because it is the opposite of the popular liberal/nihilist message, “Just Do It.” In this sense, “Just Undo It” has a similar thrust to Nancy Reagan’s slogan, “Just Say No.”

However, beyond both those issues, I think “Just Undo It” has a larger significance, which is: Undo Liberalism. I feel that when liberals see my T-shirt, they instinctively sense that. Now, is liberalism about to be undone? No. But what currently seems impossible cannot become possible unless people first think it and say it.

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