Now that a key threshold in the de-Europeanization of America has been crossed, how are the race-blind conservatives reacting?

I invite readers to send me any interesting articles they have seen showing the responses of liberals and particularly of mainstream conservatives to the news that white births are now a minority in the U.S. I’ve already read Thomas Sowell’s column on the subject, and found it disappointing. But since I almost always find Sowell disappointing (seeing one part of the truth, but never the whole picture, and never with any follow-through), I guess I can’t say I was disappointed.

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JC from Houston writes:

I have read nothing from mainstream conservatives about this depressing milestone and doubt that we will, even though white minority status will mean the death of real conservatism as well as the GOP. Nothing will be done to limit drastically the tide of legal immigration from the Third World, the only thing that could conceivably slow or halt our demise. Mainstream conservatives are worthless when it comes to conserving anything.

Aditya B. writes:

Here’s old Pat. Does he qualify as mainstream? Maybe not.

Here’s Selwyn Duke (who is kind enough to correspond with me).

And that’s all folks. Everyone else is celebrating the end of the U.S. as we knew it. It is as if a man is celebrating the fact that he has successfully gnawed away vital parts of his anatomy by whooping and hollering and inviting everyone else to observe the gruesome spectacle and join in by lopping off other such parts that are still intact.

Once again, I hope that the One True Diety does exist. He Alone can save this nation.

John McNeil writes:

Reading these FreeRepublic comments gives me some hope that racial common sense may return to the American Right, at least among the grassroots.

Here are some gems.

Aemilius Paulus writes:

Third world dominance over white America will mean far more than the death of the Republican party. The “flash mobs” robbing stores, increasing black attacks on whites; third world stupidity precluding the Third Worlders from earning money, thus increasing the envy they feel. The aforementioned all presage the violence to come. Tragically whites now exhibit a total physiological inability to resist the assaults and demands of blacks and other Third Worlders. In short, we are passing out of history and probably in a generation the few remaining whites will be violently shoved out.

qam1 writes:

Yep, and it’s not just Liberal whites, just look at this or any other thread. In any thread that deals with immigration and/or race you are guaranteed to see two types of post

1) Posters who will actually argue that there is no such thing as a Hispanic.

Yes Really! We are being over run and they want to argue semantics. Yeah, they may convince themselves that there are no Hispanics, but Hispanics most certainly see themselves as Hispanic and not White or American. La Raza = The Race. Get it.

2) Conservatives that are under the delusion that if we can just find someone who can articulate our positions well, Hispanics (and even Blacks) will see the error of their ways and vote Conservative. The “Duuuhhh Hispanics go to church, so that means they are Conservatives” posters.

Well for starters You can’t reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into and secondly what Whites don’t get is other groups put their race above all. Call it Ethic pride or Tribalism or whatever, but to them that trumps all and things like Liberty, the Constitution, Self Determination are meaningless terms. Democrats pander to their race, which is why they will always vote for them.

Calling these posters delusional is an understatement and unfortunately that delusion is going to lead to a lot of misery and suffering in the future.”

Aetius writes:

Lack of principles certainly doesn’t help, but demographics are a huge part of it.

As to the founding, well maybe those principles don’t have anything inherently to do with ethnicity, but the fact is that the founders weren’t a very diverse group ethnically speaking. And we haven’t seen anything like it spring up outside of other lands settled by the British.

The fact is that conservative, limited-government principles appeal mostly to whites. I don’t know why that is, but it’s a fantasy to think that an increasingly non-white nation is going to embrace the (now) very conservative principles of our Founding and our Constitution.

May 21

Mark Jaws writes:

Am I the only one here who sees a possible solution in fiscal crisis, financial collapse, possible federal implosion? I have long advocated secession of enough Red States to form a sufficiently critical mass to re-establish the American country with adherence to our Constitution (minus the general welfare clause). With the federal government rapidly losing the confidence, support, and consent of the governed, we need to start embracing nullification and secession as a POSSIBLE SOLUTION. More and more of us in the Tea Party are starting to voice these concerns out loudly.

May 22

David B. writes:

“Rich” Lowry opines on the demographic revolution. The usual from a Beltway Conservative.

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